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Chewy Noodles, for Chicken and Noodles

Welcome to Our Sunday Café, we are pleased you stopped by for a visit. Today we are offering another delicious recipe from our kitchen. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did…

I have wanted to make Chicken and noodles for some time now. These noodles are known by many different names, chewy noodles, fat noodles,  home style noodles. But I shall call them workout noodles, why you ask?

Because that lump of noodle dough it strong, it actually has a rubbery quality to it. It will resist your rolling pin.

Roll from the inside out, to get the most consistent flat shape to the dough.

Chewy Noodles for Chicken and Noodles
Noodle Dough for Chicken and Noodles
Once rolled, cut and let dry. These will be used for the chicken and noodles.

Note: These noodles are intended to be cooked for a long time in the stock, absorbing some of the stock as they cook, taking on a chewy flavorful quality that only a hand made noodle can.

Chewy Noodles, for Chicken and Noodles
adapted from: various internet sources
makes 1 batch for a large pot of chicken and noodles!

2 1/2 c flour (you can use part whole wheat flour if desired)
1 1/2 t salt
2 t baking powder
2 eggs
1/2 c milk, and possibly a bit more

Stir together the flour, salt and baking powder. Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients, add the eggs and about 1/2 c milk. Beat the liquid ingredients together, then mix it all together. The dough will have wet pockets and dry pockets, when mixing with a fork becomes difficult; start kneading the mixture in the bowl with your hands.

At this point the dough will be mostly together. Dump it out onto a floured surface, scrape the bowl with a spatula to get all of the noodle dough. Now simply start kneading, about 10 to 12 times.

Add a bit of flour and begin rolling. From the inside out seems more productive. When the dough is about 1/4 inch thick, cut it into narrow rectangles (using a pizza cutter works well for this) and let it dry until dinner time.

Note:  For a more tender noodle eating experience, roll dough to 1/8 inch before cutting.


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Additional Notes and Information: I have seen recipes for this type of noodle where the dough is grated. This would require a grater that has a grate pattern large enough to make french fries. It would be easier than rolling, but it would also produce a different cooked texture. If you want to grate, keep dough in refrigerator until ready to grate and add to the hot liquid for cooking.

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