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Pizza Dough with Parsley

Most folks are aware of parsley, as being that little green sprig on the side of the plate. Usually right beside the lone black olive, that you did eat. See, you do know. Parsley is usually ignored or folks think of it as not something to eat. But parsley is very nutritious and available year round. It is also a frugal purchase. Most bunches of parsley are 59 cents or less. Many years ago, I was told by my Grandmother that parsley was put on the side of the plate as a breath freshener, to be eaten after your meal. It is full of chlorophyll, a natural odor eliminator for onions and garlic. When eaten, your breath will be fresher and you will also get vitamins K, C and A.

But alas we do not seem to eat parsley, it is in the same category as many other frugal, yet fabulous foods. Foods we should eat, but usually don't. In my ongoing quest to eat healthier and maintain a frugal lifestyle, parsley has come to the forefront. Again, why do these things take me so long?

The other day I made a cucumber salad adapted from this recipe. I enjoyed that salad very much and remember the loaf of herb bread I made earlier? Because of these delicious foods, I have decided to spotlight various foods on Saturday. Lets start with parsley, shall we? There are 2 basic types, curly leaf and flat leaf. It is much easier to find the curly leaf parsley, and it may be substituted for the flat leaf in any recipe. Just be aware that the flat leaf parsley is more tender, therefore your curly leaf parsley may need to be chopped more.

I know that summer is upon us here in Vancouver, and in full swing in other parts of the state. This is the peak of the most flavorful, fresh food time of year. But don't leave parsley out, it is that healthy.  Also it stores easily, and for a long time.

While the parsley is still banded, wash well under cold running water. Shake to remove excess water from the leaves. Remove band from around parsley, cut stems to fit the length size of jar. Add 1/2 inch fresh water to the bottom of jar.

Cap and store in the refrigerator. Fresh, clean and ready.

To prepare dry leaves for immediate use, try this process:

Wash parsley in a bunch as described above, snap or cut leaves at stem. Lay out in a single layer on a soft dry towel.

Roll towel up gently, fold into a horseshoe shape and secure with a rubber band. Let rest for 5 minutes or until needed.

Unroll towel, and use as desired. I am going to use these parsley leaves in a Parsley and Garlic pizza dough.

Don't forget the stems, I throw these into my freezer container that holds all of the veggie trimmings. These will add delicious flavor to the next batch of stock.

Now lets make some pizza dough. This is a large 2 pound size batch, use some now and freeze the rest or freeze it all now to use in the future. Dough freezes very well, and is so nice to have on hand. Just pull it out in the morning, let rest in the fridge while you are busy, use it that night. Fresh, homemade and easy.

Parsley and Garlic Pizza dough
adapted from Regal Kitchen Pro Collection
makes 2 one pound dough knobs

10 liquid ounces water, potato water or whey, room temperature
2 c of whole parsley, you will want to "snuggle" the leaves into the cup, but do not pack tight
2 to 4 cloves mined garlic, use the amount that will please your family
1 t salt
3 T olive oil
1 to 2 T sugar
4 c flour
2 t dry yeast
Combine in the ABM pan, in the order listed, with yeast placed on top of the flour. Process for dough, sit back and relax or multi-task. If you do not use a machine, throw it in your mixer and follow along as the manufacturer recommends.

You can also make by hand, but then I have seen the light about the AMB!

I am a bread machine voyageur, I cannot, NOT look!

This is how your dough will look when the dry and wet ingredients have been combined. The whole leaf parsley works so well in bread dough, and it is easy to see, that chopped parsley would be lost in this dough.

In progress.  

Almost done. 


Dough is now ready to remove from dough pan, deflate, and divide into 2 knobs. Moisten the dough knobs with oil, then wrap for storage. Refrigerate for use now, or freeze for use later.

Pizza tonight, stay tuned for a delicious pizza based on a sandwich. Delicious and different.


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