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Homemade Dishwasher Powder and truth in blogging!

I have through the years become offended by the high chemical content in modern day cleaners. My nose was the first victim, it burned just walking down the cleaning products aisle at the market. Then there was the second victim, my perfume, it was overpowered by those same chemicals that burned my nose. It was time to make a change, I started with a simple window cleaner of rubbing alcohol, water and vinegar. Spray on and dry off with crumpled newspaper. Now a few years later, I have several I make and I am happy to share them with you.

In the archives you will find a spray cleaner and Laundry Powder.. You can find them here:

Easy Clean , spray cleaner

Laundry Powder

Now I have a great Dishwasher Powder to share also, that needs improvements.

 Yep, for this recipe, this little guy is a star!

Dishwasher Powder
adapted from yahoo

1 c borax
1 c baking soda
1/4 c salt
2 packages (half an ounce) unsweetened Kool Aid

If the borax has lumps, press through a sieve. Combine all ingredients, mixing well. Place in a sealed container and use 2 T in each cup to wash a load of dishes.  Especially dirty dishes may need additional cleaner.

Your dishes will sparkle! 
See below for updates!

UPDATE: I have observed that the family members in my household each load the dishwasher differently. This included the scrapping/pre-rising of the dirty dishes. These differences may affect the final outcome of the washed dishes. While I don't pre-rinse I do scrape with a flexible spatula. I also will make wet any dish with egg, as I have found that dried egg is difficult to get cleaned off. Cheese is the biggest challenge for this cleaner, and I disagree with the original article, you will need 2 T of cleaner (or more depending upon your dishes) in each cup.

Long term use:  I have read about other homemade dishwasher soaps and those articles have indicated that for long term use the homemade powder was not effective, and unfortunately this one have proven to be true at my house. I am not sure if it is water temperature, my water source/type or that it simply is not strong enough to do the job. But back to the drawing board, not giving up, but this is not as good as it needs to be. 

I guess it is stay tuned for more!

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  1. well i too use home made cleaners but I never knew about this one,, great!!

  2. Now I am making homemade all purpose cleaner so that little one can hang around while doing the clean.

  3. leave out the borax...it tends to leave a film on the dishes.

    For MY water (lots of lime deposits), I use one part baking soda, one part road salt (course salt) and 2 parts citric acid.

    I use ACV in the rinse dispenser.

    A little orange essential oil keeps the washer smelling fresh between loads.(optional)

    This is ONLY cheaper if you buy you ingredients in bulk.


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