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Christmas Stocking from felted wool sweater - part 1

One of my fun things to do is shop thrift stores. I do this for amusement and to find the unexpected treasure. I also save some money when I can find what I need. But usually I shop for fun and to find raw materials. Now you might be asking what exactly is raw in a thrift store.

For me raw materials are goods that can be used for other purposes. Yes I do re-purpose the item, but that is a fairly new word and I am but an old grandma, so I usually fall back on my upbringing and use the  expressions from those formative years.

Always always always I search out cookbooks and kitchen goods. You just can't have too many kitchen goods to play with, especially a specialty pan that you did not want to pay full retail for. And cookbooks, well I have displayed my love for them here with my cookbook list.

But today I will share my second favorite, wool sweaters. They are harder and harder to find, but when I do, I felt them in a (very) hot water wash. The old jokes about the sweater fitting before it was washed, are actually true, if you used hot water. The fun thing about the wool sweaters is that usually the designs are masculine and therefore make a wonderful Christmas stocking for that special man in you life.

It is easy, come and take a look...........

1. Find a wool sweater: I always check the label if I am unsure. Some of the new acrylics have a wool feel to them and of course will not "felt" in hot water.

2. Wash the sweater, use the hot water setting on your washer.

3. Dry the sweater, again use the hottest setting on your dryer.

You should now have a sweater that has a thick felt quality to it, like this one.........

4. Grab a sock and simply cut around it in an exaggerated pattern.

You do want this on the large side, after all it will hold wrapped goodies on Christmas morning. The remainder of the sweater will not go to waste, there are always things to do with thick durable fabric.

5. Stitch a blanket stitch around the outside of the cut out sock. I used a 1/4 inch depth to the stitch. And I chose to run a blanket stitch around the perimeter twice for strength. I am using black (heavy duty) button thread.

Next we will decorate and add a hanging loop,

but that will be part 2.

As always, thanks for taking a moment to stop and say hello. We appreciate your time and your wonderful comments.

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  1. I have an entire trashbag filled with wool sweaters that I have set aside for felting. I love the idea of a stocking!


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