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Christmas Stocking from felted wool sweater - part 2

This seems to be where we left off,

This is the first time I have worked with felted wool. With that said, here is something I learned.

If you wish to add a design with embroidery thread or buttons, do that before you sew the front to the back. The felted material is too thick to work comfortably from inside the sock. The decision was made to  change the decoration from a Christmas tree made from buttons to something else. The something else turned out to be a patch pocket, made from a piece of the sweater cuff.

But lets start with a loop.

Using a paper core, loop the embroidery thread around 3 to 4 times.

To strengthen the loop, work a blanket stitch around the loop.

To make a pocket, cut a piece of the cuff, position and whip stitch around the edge. The flat top shank buttons will be used to form a name (thank you sharpie!). It is easier for me to sew the top button, then the bottom button and then add the middle buttons using the already placed buttons for guidance.

Finish the top edge in a blanket stitch. Add the name to the button tops and fill the little pocket. This will be handy for a love note, candy, a little cash or a gift card.......

Since this stocking is for my husband Terry, I made it a bit on the masculine side. And now I need to start one for me.

You can find Christmas Stocking from felted wool sweater - part 1 here

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