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Felted wool soap cuff

Use it up,
Make do with what you have,
Do without.

Rather stern words, don't you think? But in many ways those words can also be good advice. Through the years I have enjoyed taking what I have and making what I need. It has become a fun endeavor, as well as a money saver. Terry and I both enjoy thrifting and making as many items as we can, for ourselves as well as gifts for family.

When I made his felted stocking for Christmas, there were scraps too big to throw away, including a sleeve with the cuff. I got the idea to make a soap cuff for the shower. Take a look.....

Cut off a long enough section to hold the soap once you have stitched the end closed. I use heavy duty cotton button thread. 

Turn inside out. 
Place the soap into the bottom of the the cuff. Fold the actual cuff into one side of the soap. Arrange the folded cuff to be smooth and lay flat. 

Ready to use. 
With the cuff folded inward, it is easy to hold on to, while scrubbing.
When the soap is gone, just throw into the washer and add another bar. 

The first time you use this, wet thoroughly and "work" the soap up into the wool by squeezing gently. Felted wool is very soft for scrubbing with, much softer than I would have ever thought.

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  1. now thats a clever idea, I love the sweater too, very pretty!

  2. Great idea! I may have to see if I can find a wool sweater at the thrift shop. Happy New Year!


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