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My husband said " I love muffins."

We were sitting sharing a breakfast of scrambled eggs and muffins. The carton of muffins had been a gift from a tenant, for us to enjoy.  The carton contained three different flavors and we each had selected the same flavor to enjoy with our eggs. I was sitting there quietly munching eggs and sipping coffee when my husband declares...

" I love muffins".

Well now, who knew? But after that statement, the list of those who knew, now included me.....

I have a few good muffin recipes here within the pages of the blog, along with a few hundred more there, within the pages of all the cookbooks. But historically I have not been a busy muffin maker. Truthfully not a serious muffin fan, at all. But you know when your husband makes a statement like that.......and I have noticed that muffins just taste better when sharing a meal with him.

His declaration of muffin love turns out to be good information, often I have been at a loss of what to bake. This will make future baking so easy! Plus I remembered seeing all these wonderful recipes that sounded so good.

Let's take a look at the ones from your blogs that I have wanted to make.....

Photo courtesy of Sage Trifle.

Photo courtesy of Alaska from Scratch.

Photo courtesy of sidewalk shoes.

Photo courtesy of Octoberfarm.

Photo courtesy of Tasting Spoons.

Photo courtesy of  Seasonal Ontario Food. 

Now which one first? 

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