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Apple Butter Grilling Sauce with Two Hicks Livin in CIN seasoning blend

Welcome to Our Sunday Café, we are pleased you stopped by for a visit. Today we are offering another delicious recipe from our kitchen. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did…

I am still playing around with jars of jam. It turns out that my jam (and fruit butters) making was in fact more than our jam eating capacity, last year. Being the frugal woman that I am, I just know that not only is nothing going to waste, but something great if often times the end result of being creative in the kitchen.

No one had more fun in a kitchen!

We grill year round and one of my favorite ways to receive help preparing dinner is to have someone take the grill while I get things done in the kitchen. The end result is a wonderful dinner, shared tasks and no one is responsible for dinner on their own. This is especially helpful week nights, because I am tired when the work day ends.

I will have a container of meat marinading for a couple of days to sweet the deal. There is nothing better than flavorful grilling going on outside to inspire me to get the sides done and the table set...

Apple Butter Grilling Sauce, use your jams and butters in recipes!
Apple Butter Grilling Sauce
This chicken was marinated in the Apple Butter Grilling Sauce, before hitting the grill.

Today I am kicking the grilling sauce up a notch by adding in some of this wonderful seasoning blend, Two Hicks Livin in CIN. Earlier this week we made green beans seasoned with this jewel of a seasoning and I can't wait to try this apple butter based grilling sauce made even better with Two Hicks!

Apple Butter Grilling Sauce
by the seat of my pants
makes about 4 1/2 cups

Note:  The tomatoes do not dominate the flavor of this sauce. It is bright without being to sweet or fruity. If a sweet sauce is your choice, add 1/4-1/2 c brown sugar along with the tomatoes.

1 16 oz jar apple butter
1 16 oz can diced tomatoes, do not drain
2 T pickled onion plus 2 T of the brine - you will find recipe for the onions here
4 T Two Hicks Livin in CIN seasoning*

Combine the tomatoes, pickled onions and brine. Bring to a boil. Add the apple butter, stir, cover and remove from heat. When barely warm, add the Two Hicks and puree. Decant and store in the refrigerator.
Tonight we grill...

Use to marinade meat before grilling, and may be used as a seasoning after grilling.

Dinner time!

* I have received no monies to promote this product, all opinions are my own. However this is the small company of some friends of ours and I enjoy promoting their product out of friendship, you can find more info about them here.


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  1. Hi Melynda, I love your creativity in the kitchen. But I can't quite wrap my head around what that sauce would taste like. A combination of apple butter, tomatoes, picked onions? Plus I have no idea what is in that spice combo. Fun post! Thanks, Rocquie

  2. Hi Rocquie, thanks for stopping by! You don't really taste the tomatoes, they add a savory flavor without being a pronounced tomato taste.


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