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Homemaking after the move.....

We have moved in, and it goes without saying, I have never worked so hard in a weeks time, ever.....

The chef and his crew grace our table in the kitchen dining area.

The unloading took longer than expected. And it seemed like a whole lot more than what was neatly packed in the two storage units.

These photos represent only about half of the boxes.

And as usual no matter what you want/need to move, it will require six other items to be moved first, so that the there is room, to place that item needing/wanting moved.

The dining room went from this,

to this.....

The bedroom went from this,

This pink paint had to go!

We chose two colors for the bedroom to have an accent wall. Above you can see the whale bone and sea blue come together on a corner. 
to this....

The living room went from this,

This black shelf is filled with pottery on the top shelves, books on the bottom. 
to this....

And the kitchen went from this,

At one point in order to eat, we made a temporary microwave stand out of boxes!
to this.....

We moved during a horrible rain storm. The wind was so fierce it drove water under the garage door. The books were in danger of soaking up water, so our first order of business was to bring them in and get them out of the boxes, so they could dry out if they had become damp in storage. At this time, we still have a few books to put away....

The cat who does not like to move (yet has, 4 times prior) took a little longer to come out to say hello once the dust settled....

But all in all it went fairly smooth, and we have a new home to enjoy. Even if I did not have time to bake a pie!

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  1. it looks beautiful, I know you must be exhausted,, I wish I was closer I would bring you dinner and a pie,,enjoy the new home.Best wishes to you and your hubby!

  2. I know how exhausting moving is....so good luck to you! I always think about how great it will feel when the last box is packed!

  3. Your home is lovely. Knowing you, you'll have all those boxes unpacked in no time.

  4. Congrats on the move into your new home. Sounds like it's wonderful. The kitty will be at home soon too, I bet!


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