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The first trip!

Last weekend we took a large load of boxes over to the new house. We (for clarification "we" really means my dear husband) loaded up the motor home, our utility trailer and the GMC Jimmy full of boxes, and I do mean full.

Then we took off for the peninsula. Terry drove the motor home and pulled the trailer. I drove the Jimmy. A new experience for me, but good training as the Jimmy is a mid size between what I drive as a daily driver and the motor home. With our plans to explore the peninsula as much as possible, I intend to help with the driving.

We (for this trip it was only Terry and I) unloaded every box, unpacked every box, and put away the contents every box. Then we got the boxes along with the packing materials, ready for recycling.

We. Were. Exhausted!

But take a little tour of our progress.....

We assumed that we would enjoy a toast to our new home after we got done for the day. Wrong, we were so exhausted that we fell fast asleep on an air mattress, on the floor. That bottle of wine is still in the refrigerator, with the cork intact. Maybe next trip?

Since we took a hodge podge of boxes on this first trip, the actual inventory of what was in the boxes was a bit of a mystery. I did commandeer this wok to boil some water, when we discovered that the water heater had been turned off by the seller. The warm water was appreciated for scrubbing the cupboards, much more so than cold water would have been.

For now the table is sitting cross ways in the kitchen eating area because my husband is tall enough to bonk his head on that light fixture. We are going to change it out for a flush mount that will coordinate if we are unable to match this exact design. And you can see that the house plants are going to be very happy in there new lighted home. This corner is perfect for plants.

We did forget some tools, so the knives and the racks will have to wait until next trip to get installed.

We have a nice desk area in the kitchen, but have elected to turn it into a coffee bar. The space under the desk will have stacking baskets that will hold onions, potatoes and other fine things. My only complaint about the kitchen is that there are only two banks of drawers, these three in the desk and one other bank of four drawers by the dishwasher. I am going to have to really think about storage of some of the kitchen essentials. Personally I think that drawers are the perfect storage unit.....

Behind our new house is a wonderful green way that houses black bears, deer and sometimes even cougar. It also has lovely birch trees (our home is located just off a quiet lane called Birch Place.....). When we were out shopping for a nice piece to hang over the bed, this one literally jumped into the cart, we both knew it was the one. While we enjoyed a beach themed bedroom in Vancouver, we shall change things up a bit, now that we live at the beach.

The bedroom will also have bird decor, but not this pink paint....................

French doors lead to the master bath and we have a walk in closet, with plenty of space for our clothes.

This however is my greatest happiness, the kitchen has three (yep 3, count 'em!) pantries!

The next morning we cooked our first meal. For breakfast we had scrambled eggs with cream and Parmesan cheese. Hubby had a donut with his and I had some whole grain french bread and olive oil for dipping.

And these are just a few of the unloaded boxes, ready for the recycling yard.

And this my friends, is the tale of the first load! We start again on Friday, with a lot of help from family and friends to get the rest done in one day.....

PS, this is the light fixture in the dining room, but not really our style. So the plan is to remount the one from the kitchen here, when we find a replacement for the kitchen.

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  1. I am so happy for you! You made a great dent in your moving. I sure am glad you have help lined up because moving is hard work and I know I don't need to tell you that. How far is your new place from the old? Will 700+ cookbooks move to the new place? I understand your happiness about THREE pantries in the kitchen. Congratulations, Rocquie


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