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Evaluations, sometimes it is good to have a talk with yourself

So here goes, I am tired.

Can I just say something as straight forward as that? I sure hope so. I believe that honesty is therapeutic to one's healing processes. 

I have not been my natural self since well before the surgeries and post surgery I have had a devil of a time, getting back to where I was.....

Fatigue shows up everywhere. In the meals we eat. The internal lethargy at the end of the day. The laundry left unfolded on the guest bed. No blog posts. There is more, but seriously enough is enough. 

On the positive side, this has shown me that I do have limits. And I need to make better choices. Such as retirement choices, plans for the future and giving back to my family rather than just the working world. 

I know my energy levels will return, even if it takes longer than I would like. And from there it will simply be a choice to find the fun and enriching activities to share with my husband and family. 

The only problem that I will encounter now is having enough time to do, see and enjoy all the beauty and excitement that I hope to share, with my loved ones and of course right here. 

And with that comes the final decision for the future. Retirement as early as can be. 

With that, March 2017 won't you hurry yourself up just a bit?

I am so looking forward to uninterrupted time for cooking, exploring and time with my dear husband. 

Wish me luck, not working outside of the home will be a big change for me!

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