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Top 10 Popular Posts Along With My Favorites, from 2016

Welcome to Our Sunday Café, we are pleased you stopped by for a visit. Today we are offering another delicious recipe from our kitchen. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did…

To close out the year I wanted to highlight your favorite posts, and just for fun share my personal favorites as well. Imagine my surprise in seeing that we have one recipe that made both lists.

Top 10 reader favorites for 2016:

Roasted Root Vegetables, a top 10 favorite for 2016
Roasted Root Vegetables, a slow cooker recipe.
Roasted Root Vegetables, these vegetables are not only delicious, they are also so easy to prepare. Put everything in your slow cooker and get about your day.  When ready to serve you have delicious, nutritious roasted root vegetables. What could be better?

Easy Slow Cooker Beans, building better meals. A to 10 favorite for 2016.
Easy Slow Cooker Beans, building better meals.

Easy Slow Cooker Beans, building better meals. I don't know of any kitchen not needing help building better meals, and if it is easy on the cook, so much the better.

The Perfect Cheesecake, a top 10 favorite for 2016.
The Perfect Cheesecake.
The Perfect Cheesecake, this cheesecake is a dream come true. The filling is smooth, creamy and a dream to make. Keep in mind that this wonderful recipe can be baked two ways, I originally baked it in 2014, using a hotter oven and shorter baking time. Either recipe is in fact, perfect cheesecake.

Buttermilk Chocolate Cake, whole grain. A top 10 favorite for 2016.
Chocolate Buttermilk Cake, a whole grain cake.
Buttermilk Chocolate Cake, this was our first whole grain cake. And it turned out delicious, helping me to plunge right in with whole grain baking, in a fearless manner. This cake is the one layer with boiled fudge frosting you will make time and time again. 

Helpful Kitchen Hacks, a top 10 favorite post for 2016.
Helpful Kitchen Hacks.
Helpful Kitchen Hacks, not a food recipe, but who does not love a great kitchen hack? 

Sugar and Spice Snickerdoodle Bars, whole grain. A top 10 favorite for 2016.
Sugar and Spice Snickerdoodle Bars, whole grain delicious.
Sugar and Spice Snickerdoodle Bars, this recipe was the first step in whole grain desserts. There are plenty of whole grain quick bread recipes I have shared, but it takes a cookie or a cake to call it a dessert. These are perfect!

Creative Gift Baskets From Your Kitchen, a top 10 favorite post from 2016.
Creative Gift Baskets From Your Kitchen.
Creative Gift Baskets from Your Kitchen, while I shared this at holiday time, these basket ideas would work great any time of year. A homemade gift basket beats a purchased one any day. It was pleasing to see that you agreed also. 

WOW, That's a Lot of Bacon in my Beans, a top 10 favorite for 2016.
WOW, That's A Lot of Bacon in my Beans.
WOW, that's a lot of bacon in my beans!, this recipe hitting the tip 10 was a surprise. But it goes to show that everyone loves a good bean recipe. 

Easy Cheeseburger Pizza, knife and for style. A top 10 Favorite post for 2016.
Easy Cheeseburger Pizza, knife and fork style.
Easy Cheeseburger Pizza, knife and fork style. I am a cheeseburger fan, this pizza grew out of that love. Somewhere here on the blog you will find Cheeseburger Scalloped Potatoes...

Roasted Beet and Lentil Salad, a top 10 favorite for 2016.
Roasted Beet and Lentil Salad. 

Roasted Beet and Lentil Salad.  Personally, I loved this salad! It was fun to see this recipe hit both categories. 

Top 5 writer's favorites for 2016:

Roasted Beet and Lentil Salad. See above, I could go on and on about this salad.

Savory Salty and a bit Sweet, one of my top 5 favorites from 2016.
Savory Salty and a bit Sweet Pan Roasted Pecans.
Savory, Salty, and a little bit Sweet Pan Roasted Pecans. I love the exotic spice blend, and the easy preparation didn't hurt either!

Carrot Raisin Banana Bread, one of my favorite top 5 from 2016.
Carrot Raisin Banana Bread
Carrot Raisin Banana Bread.  This whole grain, fruit sweetened quick bread is wonderful. 

Fresh Beet Salad with Cranberries and Grapefruit Vinaigrette, one of my top 5 favorites from 2016.
Fresh Beet Salad with Cranberries and Grapefruit Vinaigrette.
Fresh Beet Salad with Cranberries and Grapefruit Vinaigrette.  This fresh (raw) beet salad is delicious and refreshing. I hope you give it a try. 

Curried Maple Dijon Chicken, one of my favorite top 5 from 2016.
Curried Maple Dijon Chicken.
Curried Maple Dijon Chicken.  This is one of those perfect recipes, it is easy, thrifty and takes like a million bucks!


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  1. Every one of these posts looks incredible - no wonder they were the most popular for the year. I have that slow cooker roasted veg recipe saved - and that bacon makes my mouth water just looking at the photo, so I totally get it! ;) Happy New Year to you and yours, Melynda. :)

    1. Thanks Heather, and a Happy New Year to your family also.

  2. Fun look back. I remember most of those posts. So happy you are willing to share your experience, knowledge, and ideas! Happy New Year.

  3. Oh what a ymmy look back. I missed some of these. I know others have.
    Come over and link at the New 2016 Fabulous January Party!
    And don't forget to comment, follow by email too! I'll enter you in the special Birthday Giveaway! Join the party in 2017!
    Happy New Year. Let's Party!

  4. Your buttermilk cake and snickerdoodle bars look so yummy! Thanks for linking up with Merry Monday this week!

    1. Your welcome, thanks for hosting a great sharing party.

  5. Thanks for sharing on the What's for Dinner Link up!

  6. Very nice, thanks for sharing with Hearth and soul blog hop


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