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Our Sunday dinner's will go on!

Welcome to Our Sunday Café, we are pleased you stopped by for a visit. Today we are offering another delicious recipe from our kitchen. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did…

Today is the day after the third garage sale, we are a bit weary, and the house a bit empty. My dear husband is watching the game (really that means whatever football game is on) and I am sorting through my cookbooks. In the past few years, I have gone from over 2000 to only those that will fit on two half-size bookcases.

Our transition to 5th Wheel Living, an update on our progress.

I could keep them all if I wanted, but they would be packed away in boxes, and I would forget to use them, so it really makes more sense for others to enjoy them. There will be room for both of the bookcases in the Homestead House, plus they will all be in plain sight. I don't mind paring down, I will concentrate on those foods that are my favorites, whole grain cooking, and baking, legumes along with canning and preserving.

As we sell off these pieces of furniture and the household goods we won't be needing or taking to the Homestead House, our little home here on the peninsula has taken on a quiet echo. My feelings of how to live mindfully are taking over and my creativity is being called upon time and time again. It is all becoming comfortable like a well-worn chambray shirt.  While I look forward to the changes, one change that will not happen involves my beloved Sunday dinners.

Our transition to 5th Wheel Living, an update on our progress.

No matter where we are, or what we are eating, Sunday dinner will be served. We will sit at our dining table with a cloth napkin in our lap, enjoying what we have cooked, and the company of the other. Because it is the little things that make a home and keep the family together. It is what you do regularly that defines you. And to me, Sunday dinner is family and family is love.

Along with selling the furniture and household goods, we are also eating down the pantry and freezer. I have some preserved lemons and a jar of capers to use up. We have a chicken to roast, along with some red skinned potatoes. The flavors of lemon, capers, and chicken will taste wonderful. This kind of spur of the moment creative cooking is enjoyable to me and always has been.

Our transition to 5th Wheel Living, an update on our progress.

Earlier today we had discovered that the nectarines purchased on our last grocery trip had begun to mold as they rested in the cloth-lined (I think this is where we got into trouble...) basket. I cleaned them up the best I could by cutting off and discarding the moldy parts. The edible parts were sliced to bake up into a delicious fruit crumble. And as luck would have it, I had a generous cup of red currents in the freezer to add in for color and flavor. Except for a bit of rhubarb to cut, the currents signal the end of our harvests for the year.

And so it goes with our transition process. We glean, and sort, and decide.

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