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Food goals for 2018.

Welcome to Our Sunday Café, we are pleased you stopped by for a visit. Today we are offering another delicious recipe a simple update from our kitchen. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did…

A few years ago I made a change. I stopped baking 8 or more kinds of cookies, and every other dessert that seemed like it had to be enjoyed, and now (Thanksgiving on into Christmas!) was just the right time! One reason was as my family got smaller and my Sunday Dinners ceased, there was a need to refocus, which I did. Couple that with a serious stomach/medical condition, and my choices were limited as well as my eating team!

This past holiday season, from Thanksgiving through the New Year had an added element. My dear husband had captured the virus of the season and it had a hold of him in a big way. He kept protesting that he was fine, but nothing could be further from the truth. This year's virus is fierce, but fortunately for me, he is more fierce. Food other than my virus buster soup and broth has not been a priority. You may have noticed several round-ups shared in lieu of new recipes.....

But my change in philosophy has not in any way removed our traditions. We still have pecan pie at Christmas if it was not served for Thanksgiving. We always have cinnamon toast for Christmas morning breakfast (always on a rich egg dough, homemade of course!), along with homemade eggnog which is sweet and contains lots of half & half. We clearly do not go without. We simply enjoy less, while still keeping our family traditions without the slightest bit of regret.

Added in with all that is the natural order of life with children who now have homes of their own and are excellent hosts and hostesses! It is fun to partner with my daughter and to celebrate with her in the role of matriarch. I get to do as much as I want and I get to knit when I don't! It is a win-win for us all. Plus she is an excellent cook and food is different from her kitchen. She has a unique view on flavor combinations that are different from my own. Together we do a darn good job, and have fun in the process!

But I do have food goals for 2018. Now mind you, I also had food goals in all the years from the past as well. Some I held up, but most I did not...because like all who overstretch, it is hard to maintain the reach. Fortunately, when I look back I am able to see some progress like more vegetables, whole grains, and less sugar. That is pleasing, and with that progress behind me, I will add to it in another creative direction. You can view my personal favoite real food recipes for 2017 right here!

I have had this notion for the longest time, that women from generations before me did not cook complicated meals. They simply did not have the time. Nor did they eat out or get take-out on the way home. They had a knack for taking a few ingredients* and making a delicious dish to serve the family. I would like to learn more about this style of cooking. I am sure they had a few short-cuts, like homemade mixes, which will also be fun to use and enjoy. But I know everyone ate well and no one went without.

When I looked through the archives on this blog, I quickly found several 2 and 3 ingredient recipes. Which I promptly made available through a round-up post. I plan to do the same for the 4 and 5 ingredient recipes already posted. These recipes are delicious, but I am looking forward to developing more as we continue to eat well. The added bonus will be in time saved and these new recipes will fit in perfectly with our plans to travel full time!

How about your family, do you have food goals for the new year? Have you noticed small changes made along the way, taking your cooking to new levels of flavor and wholesomeness? I would love to hear your kitchen stories.
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* real food, not commercial mixes.

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