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first day of school sharing

Well I never want to be called an obnoxious grandmother, but today, what the hey!

Today this bright, happy, dressed all in pink young girl started the first day of her new "job".

She started school.

She explained to me, when we spoke tonight. "I go back again tomorrow".

Day one complete, now only 6569 more days and then my dear,

you start your second "job".




  1. Ha! Geez, is it really that many days? Ugh, how did we survive? And then I went and got two college degrees, how man days is that?!

  2. I kind of cheated with the numbers, I took 365 days X 12 years. In some ways it is accurate, you have to live all of those days to get the job done.

  3. oh i feel so old with my baby in school. then i think about her in college and i kinda freak....since it was seriously yesterday we brought her home from the hospital.


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