Homemade Beef-a-Roni

Welcome to Our Sunday Café, we are pleased you stopped by for a visit. Today we are offering another delicious recipe from our kitchen. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did…

Homemade Beef-a-Roni, make good use of leftover grilled burger patties!
Homemade Beef-a-Roni.
Whenever we grill, we usually grill extra meat or get a roast charred for a future meal. The extra flavor is worth planning ahead to make the most of the time using the grill.

Then there are times when too much was cooked, this can happen when guests are expected but showed up with small appetites. This recipe will help you with the "we cooked too much meat, now what?" problem.....

Homemade Beef-a-Roni.
Grilled Burger is delicious in Homemade Beef-a-Roni.
Using the grilled burgers diced up, gave this dish a wonderful flavor. I will probably grill up extra burger patties in the future to use in dishes, the added flavor is great!

I decided on homemade beef-a-Roni after seeing this link on the Perfect Pantry/facebook. I do not like pasta as much as Mr. Ruhlman so I won't use a full pound! I enjoy and like recipes like this, they are easy and easy to adapt to what you have on hand or more importantly, what your family likes.

This recipe is my kind of a make it up, use it up, and eat it up arrangement!

Homemade Beef-a-Roni
by the seat of my pants!

1 medium onion diced 1/4 inch
1 T oil
1 t garlic salt
2 14 oz cans Italian stewed tomatoes
Seasoning of choice, I chose to make this very simple but you could add your family's favorites here.
1 - 1 1/2 pounds ground beef or this is a great way to use up extra grilled meat, diced 1/4 inch
8 oz elbow macaroni (or up to 12 oz, depending upon how much pasta your family likes)
2 c (or more, it is up to you) grated cheese, use what you have

How to make Homemade Beef-a-Roni. Delicious and a perfect way to use up extra burger patties!

Saute the onion in the oil, until wilted, add the garlic salt and cook on low while preparing the tomatoes.
Pour both cans of tomatoes into a blender and puree, add this to the onions.
If using raw beef, saute separately and drain the excess fat, add to the tomato mixture.
Cover and simmer 1 hour.
Cook pasta until 1/2 done, drain well.
Stir into the tomato mixture and turn into a 9X13 glass pan.
Cover with the grated cheese and bake 30 minutes.

Homemade Beef-a-Roni, bake until bubbly and the cheese has a light crust.
Homemade Beef-a-Roni, ready to bake.

A delicious dinner that also reheats well. Add a green vegetable or a salad and some fruit and dinner is done.


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  1. This is a family favorite in our family for 4 generations. No matter what it is called.
    Yours looks scrumptious!


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