Quinoa Tabbouleh

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Quinoa Tabbouleh, fresh and bright, made with Quinoa grain
Quinoa Tabbouleh

In our community, there is a small chain of cafes that serve delicious Mediterranean food, called The Jerusalem Cafe.  I have enjoyed eating there for many years. I have always loved the Tabbouleh, it is so good. The thing I really enjoy about the food is that it is real home cooking. When I first starting eating there about 15 years ago, Mom and Dad cooked, in the first little spot in downtown Vancouver. Now the different cafes are run by family members, and I am thinking that even with Mom and Dad retired it is the same food and just like home.

The tabbouleh from Jerusalem Cafe is big on vegetables with lots of parsley and lemon. Also, it is made with whole wheat couscous, instead of Bulgar. But today I will (try to) translate my love of their tabbouleh into this recipe for Quinoa Tabbouleh.

Quinoa Tabbouleh, all the fresh flavors with Quinoa grain.
Ingredients for Quinoa Tabbouleh

Quinoa Tabbouleh
by the seat of my pants!

2-3 c cooked Quinoa
1 bunch green onions, cleaned and sliced through 2 inches of the green section

1 bunch parsley, washed, shook dry and chopped
juice of 1/2 lemon*

1 tomato - diced small

1 English cucumber - diced small

1- 2 T minced fresh mint  - optional
olive oil to moisten, up to 1/4 c
1/2 t salt
Combine gently, chill until serving time. Enjoy.
* if you enjoy the tang of lemon, use the whole lemon.


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  1. yum, yum, yum. I think you already know that I love tabouli. I love your quinoa version--only thing is you didn't invite me for dinner.

  2. It was good had it for dinner, next I want to make your couscous salad with feta and walnuts, that looks so delish!


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