Green Chili Burritos

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A few days ago I made a small roast in the crockpot. It was good for a roast that was cooked with almost no preparation. Frozen meat in the crockpot, dry seasoning over the top, add a lid and cook. That evening we had pot roast and potatoes for dinner. A couple of nights later, we had a re-run of the roast and potatoes dinner. That left about 2 cups of mostly beef and gravy. A perfect opportunity to try out my idea of an Encore meal. I had noticed this delicious looking plate of food at Sheila's blog, and I knew I wanted to try a baked burrito that was not tomato-based.

Green Chili Burritos, leftover pot roast made into delicious burritos.
Green Chili Burritos

Roast Beef and Green Chili Burritos
by the seat of my pants!
350-degree oven

2 cup roast beef and gravy - more beef than gravy
1 can black beans, drained
1 c green chili salsa, purchased or homemade your choice
6-8 tortillas - depending upon the size
1 c grated cheddar

Warm the beef and gravy, gently separating the beef into shredded meat.

Add the beans and 1/2 c of the salsa. Stir gently to combine.

Fill your tortillas, leaving about 3/4 - 1 cup of the meat mixture in the pan. Add remaining salsa to the meat mixture, stir to mix. Spoon over the rolled burritos in your baking pan.

Sprinkle with the cheese, bake 30 minutes.

Serve with additional salsa, sour cream. olives etc as your family prefers. I enjoyed mine as baked with nothing more. These were delicious and I will make these again.


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  1. What a fantastic meal - perfect to have for the weekend!

  2. Melynda, I'm doing a pork roast in the crock pot this weekend for a get together (BBQ pork sandwiches). This is a great leftover idea! Thanks for the yummy recipe.

  3. one of my fav's is mexican you sure made this look like a great meal for the weekend fun! love it!

  4. Melynda, this is a great leftover idea. I'm so boring, the only thing I can ever think of for roast leftovers is sandwiches, lol. This is much tastier!

  5. A delicious way of using the leftovers into a totally new meal. Love your creativity!

  6. That looks like a real crowd pleaser.

  7. Ooh! I have to try this, looks absolutely delicious.

  8. This sounds like a wonderful way to use up leftovers. You are so good at efficiency.

  9. Yum! I'm making a roast this weekend and LOVE Mexican food - so guess what I'll be having next week!

  10. This sounds absolutely wonderful! What a great meal! Thank you for linking up to Feed Me Tweet Me Follow Me Home on Friday!

  11. This looks delicious. Next time I cook a pot roast, I'm going to plan for this same encore.

  12. Melly mamma! What an AWESOME recipe. I so want to jump on a plane and come visit for dinner. I love the flavor of green chili. Oh heck, now I am going to HAVE to have mexican for dinner! hugs! alex

  13. Hi! I came over from Feed Me, Tweet Me, Follow Me Home Blog Hop.

    I have never had green chili salsa. I'm going to have to make some. These burritos look delicious!

    I'm following you through GFC & Networked Blogs. I also requested to be your friend on fb.

    Nice to meet you!

  14. I love encore dinners and this one sounds especially good! I am bookmarking this for future use.

  15. Oh my goodness, your burritos have my belly growling...they sound so good!

  16. What a great use for leftovers! I have a whole bunch of pulled pork to use up - bet it would be delicious for this!

  17. One of my constant cravings is Mexican food. I have no idea why, but I just love all of those flavors, the heat, the spice, and the whole festive feel when I'm eating them (then again, it could be the margarita!). Thanks for this recipe, I've printed it out for future use.


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