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Easy Clean!

Have you ever had one of those days, where you walk into the kitchen to start a meal and the counters are cluttered? Not cluttered with dishes, cluttered with the remains of the day. Crumbs from getting out a few crackers for a snack, or sugar spilled from sweetening coffee or tea. "Cluttered" in the way a busy household kitchen becomes, as people use it. When that happens and if it has not already, it certainly will, have this simple cleaner ready to go and you will have a clean work area in a jiffy.

"Easy Clean" Spray Cleaner
adapted from:  source not remembered, but thanked!

1 16 oz empty spray bottle
2 T white vinegar
3 drops of liquid dish washing soap

Fill bottle with water almost to the top, add vinegar and liquid soap. Top with spray assembly, secure tightly. Turn bottle over about 10 times to mix the vinegar and liquid soap with the water without creating suds.

To use, spray your "cluttered" surface evenly with cleaner.

Wipe with a dampened cloth.


Now we can get cooking!

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  1. thats the very same cleaner I use,,great minds think alike!Thankyou again for purchasing the art from Etsy, its safely on its way,

  2. Love these kinds of recipes. I do homemade whenever possible. Excited to see what you bought from Laurie, I'm loving my Chickadees.

  3. That happens to me all the time!! I'm definitely going to try this cleaner - thanks for sharing it.

  4. I haven't tried this before. Thanks for sharing this, will give it a try.

  5. Book marking this for future use! Thanks for sharing this great tip with the Hearth and Soul Hop and the Gallery of Favorites.

  6. This is an excellent idea Melynda! Thank you so much for sharing it with Hearth and Soul and the Gallery of Favorites.


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