How to make Scratch Pie Crust, the easy way, using a kitchenaid mixer! Part 1

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I have always made my pie crust by hand, I just prefer knowing the ingredients that we eat, cooking from scratch ensures that I know what we are eating. However, I always made small errors, especially in the amount of water added at the end. This made for good pie crust, but not great pie crust. And of course, I wanted a great crust.......enter the machine-made crust.

My Homemade Pie Crust
by the seat of my pants!

2 1/2 c flour, also works well with whole wheat flour!
1 T sugar
1 t salt
3/4 c butter

6 T cold water - do not use more water, that is the secret to a great crust.

Cut the butter in small pieces, add flour, sugar, and salt to the mixer bowl, along with the butter. Begin mixing and let the paddle cut the butter into the flour.

While the mixer is mixing, add the water 1 T at a time. The dough will begin to cling together and work into a solid mass.

Scratch Pie Crust, the easy way. Part i

Remove dough from the bowl, divide it into two parts. Coat lightly with flour, and you are ready to roll out and make pie! See you tomorrow for Part 2, because easy as pie, is a true statement!


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  1. I make mine in a food processor, now that's the easy way.. ;-)

  2. For some reason, I have not been able to perfect a food processor crust. This does take longer, but the paddle mixer is a lot like your own hands, as it handles the task.

  3. I love that your recipe is inspired 'by the seat of your pants"! I haven't made pie crust in a blender, but I am looking forward to trying it!


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