How to make Scratch Pie Crust, the easy way, using a Kitchenaid Mixer! Part 2 - Our Sunday Cafe
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How to make Scratch Pie Crust, the easy way, using a Kitchenaid Mixer! Part 2

Welcome to Our Sunday Café, we are pleased you stopped by for a visit. Today we are offering another delicious recipe from our kitchen. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did…

How to make a Scratch Pie Crust, Part II.
Scratch Pie Crust, the easy way! Part II.
Once the dough is a mass, it is time to roll out your pie crust. I already know that you know how to roll pie crust. But I wanted to show a couple of tips that I think help keep crust tender.

One tip is to roll the dough up around the rolling pin, then unroll the dough over the pie pan for the bottom crust, and then over the filling for the top crust.

By using the rolling pin to support the weight of the dough, you are able to move the dough without stretching it.

For the bottom crust, you ease it into the pie pan, by lifting at the edge and letting the dough drop into the bottom of the pan. Yes I do use those scissors to cut off the excess crust. It works like a charm!

Seal the edges with your thumbs, fold and crimp in a pretty pattern, that will also seal in the juices. And the final secret to a cooked pie, full of juice? That little funnel.

A good seal around the edge of the crust and that little funnel to act as a steam valve will keep the juices in the pie, where you want them and not on the oven floor, where you don't!

And now that little pile of scraps left over, here is what you can do with them...........

We will make pie crust cookie brittle.


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