How to Make Downspout Mufflers, quiet please people are sleeping!

Welcome to Our Sunday Café, we are pleased you stopped by for a visit. Today we are offering another frugal and worthy project from our home to yours. Today I have another project that is a little different for us to offer, but I think you will like it...

We spent the morning getting ready for winter. "Erma" our little camp trailer needed to be tarped, and we needed to install mufflers in the downspouts. That is right, mufflers in the downspouts......

Just to clarify, these mufflers are not for warmth, they are for quiet. Quiet from the water dripping down the spout during the winter rains ahead. This is the game I played last year frustration I had last winter. During the fall and winter rains, the conversation went something like this,

"Can you hear that? It's raining again." (which in this part of the country, winter is rain) and then the conversation would continue with, "Honey as soon as it stops raining, we need to get those downspouts fixed."

Then the rain would stop and the conversation would go something like this, "Honey look the rain stopped, let's go somewhere!". And then, of course, it would start raining in due time, so........

I think you get the idea.

Now during the day, it was not so bad, as we are busy with chores and activities. But at night when it is late and raining and you can't sleep because the water in the downspout is all you hear....that my friends is a different story!

When I looked down the aisle at the local home improvement store, there were lots of remedies. Some of which I believe would never work and may have added to the noise issue. One such product was nothing but a sponge that you place in the crook of the downspout and that will absorb the water and apparently according to the manufacturer also the noise.

But have you ever heard a sponge in the sink with a drippy faucet right above it? Just so you know that sponge has a capacity and when the capacity is full, it is noisy. That seemed like a total waste of money with only a new sound to keep me awake at night.

So I thought and thought a little bit more and came up with this.....

These plastic mesh "scrubbies" do not have the capacity to hold water and will not fill up, with water. They will, however, break the flow of the rain/water and disperse it in the process. 

Remove a section of your downspout for size. If you make them too small, they will float out in a heavy rain. 

It looks like two will fit snug.

Stick together with a non-cotton string. Tie in a knot several times. Leave a long tail, it will make it easier to retrieve if need be. 

How to make and use down spout mufflers to calm the noise of rain in the down spouts.
Shove them up inside to the crook, then reattach the piece.

Now when it rains, we are prepared. I am guaranteeing these will be silent, but they will, in fact, reduce the noise considerably. And when it comes to getting a better night's sleep, I am all for that!

And the price? This package was from the dollar store, which made each muffler .33 plus the cost of twine on hand. Not a bad price for a better night's sleep.

Update:  these can wash out in a downpour! However, the noise reduction is worth finding that perfect thickness to avoid another washout. When you slip them back into the crook, think about adding a bit more thickness by cutting a scrubber in two and sandwich that between the whole scrubbers on the outside.  You want to create resistance to being washed out, but you do not want to create a blocked downspout.

Maintenance notes: Important, the downspouts will collect a bit of debris with the water. You will want to remove the mufflers every 10 to 14 days or so and shake out any debris, to avoid plugging up the end of the spout, as this will cause the water to back up the draining pipe from your roofline. 

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  1. Hi!! Remember me? I've been so bad about reading blogs lately but I found some time today to go through some of my favorites. So here I am! Love this idea. You are so smart. Let us know how it works after a really hard rain. Hope you're having a great Sunday!


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