Golden Pork Chops over Corn

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My husband Terry picked a winner with this dish! Honestly, I would have passed this one right by, shows how little I know after so many years of cooking..........

But truth be told we cook from our memories and thankfully my husband has different memories surrounding food than I do. We came from very different backgrounds and by virtue of that difference, we have food memories on opposite ends of the spectrum. Which as it turns out is a very happy difference indeed!

Golden Pork Chops over Corn, tender pork cooked over sweet corn.
Golden Pork Chops over Corn.

Brown food is not pretty, but it usually tastes wonderful and this dish is no exception!

Golden Pork Chops, oven-ready.

We have made this dish more than once, and for this version, we used a bit more meat and doubled the spicy topping. Word of wisdom, double the topping! 

My husband Terry came from a small family that grew most of their food on a 12-acre homestead while growing up in a cabin for most of his youth. They had their own orchard and an acre-sized garden. Add a few heads of livestock and some chickens to the mix and it is clear that his family ate meals of a different variety than did mine.

Terry appreciates everything I cook and I am having a great time being treated to what he discovers and wants to cook as we;;, and now let's get on to the recipe.....

Golden Pork Chops over Corn
adapted from:  Taste of Home Casseroles, Slow Cookers, and Soups
400-degree oven

1 can - 14 - 16 oz creamed corn
1/2 c minced onion
1/2 c minced celery
1/2 t paprika
1 1/2 c crushed cornbread stuffing (not stovetop style)
4 boneless pork loin chops 3/4 inch and about 6 oz each
1 T brown sugar, you may want to double this ingredient.
1 T spicy brown mustard, you may want to double this ingredient.

In a large bowl combine the corn, onion, celery, and paprika.

Stir in stuffing mix, transfer to a prepared 7X11 baking dish.
Arrange pork chops over the top.

Combine the brown sugar and mustard, spread evenly over the top of the chops. Bake uncovered 35-40 minutes or until done in your oven.


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  1. I think I may have overlooked this one too. But I bet it tasted really good.

    As Chef Anne Burrell says, "Brown food tastes good".


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