Easy Garlic Peeling!

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Today is a prep day in the kitchen. We have caramelized onions in the slow cooker, a pan of small diced potatoes simmering for potato water to keep on hand for sourdough starter and baking and we have several heads of garlic to do something with.

Frequently we have friends and family share food. This could be from their gardens or possibly from their own friends and family. But no matter, we always say yes, because there is always a preserving method that will work.

We love garlic in this house. We hate peeling garlic in this house. However I did view this video, and today was going to be our day to give this method a try.

Here is how we processed garlic....

Garlic peeling made easy.
Break the head apart by applying pressure. 

Peel your garlic the easy way!
Place the individual cloves into a bowl.

@ bowl method for peeling garlic.
Cover with a second bowl, and hold tight.

Shake vigorously for 15 seconds or so...

Easy peeling garlic trick!
Pick the peeled garlic out of the bowl. 

Need to peel garlic, here it is, Easy Peel Method for Garlic
An easy method for peeling garlic.
We had 8 heads of garlic to process.

Label and freeze for future cooking.

We will use this method again, so easy and only one cleanup!


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  1. It's hard to believe this works, but I see the proof right there! I recently peeled a head of garlic by using the dip into boiling water, then plunging into cold water method. Next time, I'm using your method. Thanks for sharing.


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