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Food waste is the single most effective way to lose money. I say lose money because if you spent hard-earned money on food, and then wasted the food, you have lost the money. Now speaking for myself.....

When I lose money, say a 5 or 10 dollar bill that I might have lost misplaced, I get quite upset. Why? Because it really is not misplaced, it is gone and I know it was wasteful. But when.........

We go to the market and stock up for the week, with all that lovely and healthy food, as the days in the week roll by and for whatever reason food begins to go bad instead of being eaten, I don't always see it as wasteful, which is silly......

Here are more ideas to help end food waste.

We had a bag of 5 grain rolled cereal. Healthy stuff! However, we did not care for the texture of the different grains after they were cooked up. I used the rolled grains, plus additional oats to make a batch of granola. You can use any granola recipe, we like this one

You might recall that when our son got married last June, there were carrots leftover from the lunch reception. Way too many carrots for us to eat raw, so I prepared them for the freezer. 

Sometimes the desire to use up food to prevent waste will, in fact, produce something so much better than the sum of the parts! Like this Spaghetti Stuffed French Bread

This stuff is good! Man food if you will, but then I have not found a woman that does not like it either.....

Do you ever have a cook-out and after everyone is done eating you have cooked too many burgers? Next time make this delicious Homemade Beef-a-Roni. 

Your family will love you for this tasty dish. There is something about the grilled burger meat adding a wonderful flavor. I like it so much, I will cook extra patties on purpose!

Another idea in the "end product is better than the sum of its parts" category. Root beer floats for a group of people can be quite a bit of work with the glasses, and scooping ice cream, not to mention the root beer foaming and running over the glass. Fun stuff for some occasions, like summer and out of doors. 

The picture tells you why I nicknamed this "Ugly Mutt" Punch

This Root Beer Punch is easy and does not require the preparation of individual floats. Also, it is a great way to use up that partial carton of ice cream that would not be enough for serving each person individually.  Don't let the poor photo fool you, this is so much fun and really delicious!

Did you find a jar of jam that got shoved into the back of the refrigerator? It might even have crystallized a bit and the family has decided they would rather not eat it? Like honey, when jam crystallizes it is still fine to eat, to avoid waste, you could make this Festive Jam Loaf. Quick bread will toast up nicely, when buttered or spread with peanut butter it is wonderful.

How do you avoid food waste in your kitchen? I would love to hear your ideas. 

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  1. such great examples!!!! I use left over mashed potato for soup ( potao soup) and I also use it for poatao bread, I save all my left over vegies in baggies or jars in the freezer for soups, Isave the bones from my chickens for broth and stock, I save the heels of our bread for crumbs and croutons and bread pudding, yum!! sorry, long comment, but this is dear to my heart, no one should waste food,

  2. My "go-to" recipes for leftovers are omelettes, frittatas, and fried rice.

    But the best way for me to avoid food waste is menu planning, sticking to my shopping list, and avoid buying too much at one time.
    (Which is not easy to do).

    Good post!

  3. What's more, it's not only the decision of nourishment that issues - it's additionally the amount. Eating excessively great sustenance can likewise be terrible for you however great nourishment isn't addictive like the high-salt and high-sugar garbage sustenances are so we are probably not going to over-eat these nourishments as much as we do the garbage nourishments.calgang san rafael

    1. I completely agree. As the saying goes "if you are not hungry for an apple, then you are not hungry, you are bored."


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