Fluffy Biscuit Muffins

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We have developed a pattern here in our little kitchen. One where we cook on Sundays, to be fed well the rest of the week. With the workday and commuting times, we would not eat until nearly 7 pm otherwise. For me, that is too late because by then I would be so hungry that I would have snacked my way through enough food for it to be the meal......

Fluffy Biscuit Muffins, another self-rising flour recipe.
Fluffy Biscuit Muffins

We are also devoted to eating healthy with a bit of "treat" thrown in, and I am also a big fan of leftovers. We could call them planned-overs because we cook the way we do, on purpose. But the term leftovers has never been thought of as a bad thing, ever! As some of you know, we have plenty of cookbooks to choose from, so cooking is never boring around here.

The one area I continue to struggle with is smaller portioned recipes for certain foods, like fresh muffins or desserts. Soups, stews, and casseroles all freeze very well. We call upon these kinds of foods for our meals on a regular basis. Cook a vegetable or toss a salad and dinner is done, except.......

Sometimes you need something more, something freshly made, something made for just that meal, a task to connect you to home and disconnect you from work. And while I have been in this blurry state of being for some time, I was not quite able to put it to words. I have also been on a search, for recipes for just the two of us. Simple yet enjoyable foods that can be made up, quickly, just for the two of us, and just for this meal. While I love leftovers, I don't want every recipe I make to produce leftovers......

All of our cookbooks have these colorful tabs, so many things we want to make!

While this quick bread recipe is in the form of a muffin, make no mistake, these are pure biscuit in taste! I have already confessed that I am a lazy biscuit baker, so you had to know this was right up my alley. And to calm any concerns about the mayonnaise, no these do not taste like mayo (I actually love mayo, by the way). These are biscuits in an easy to handle muffin shape for those busy nights when only fresh biscuits will do.....

First I made some self-rising flour:

adapted from:  King Arthur

Easy to make, Self-Rising Flour
I increase the whole wheat flour on each new batch until 100% whole grain is achieved.

Self-rising Flour

4 c whole wheat flour

4 c flour - divided
4 T baking powder
2 t salt

Place the whole wheat flour and 3 cups of regular flour in a large bowl. Place the baking powder and salt into the bottom of the one cup measuring cup and add enough flour to make the final cup of flour for a total of 8 cups. Add the final cup of flour to the bowl and whisk thoroughly.

Store in a cool dry place, you can refrigerate due to the whole wheat flour, if you prefer. This can be used in any recipe calling for self-rising flour, just like these biscuits....

Fluffy Biscuit Muffins
adapted from: Taste of Home, Ultimate 5 Ingredient Recipes
425 oven

1 c self-rising flour
1 generous c whole wheat self-rising flour
2 T full-fat mayonnaise
1/2 c milk

Cut mayonnaise into flour until mixture resembles course crumbs.

Stir in the mix, just until mixed, do not over mix!

Spoon into 4 prepared muffin cups. Bake 14-16 minutes or until done in your oven.

Loosen biscuit and turn on their sides to prevent soggy bottoms, serve with butter and jam.

This basic recipe begs to be played with, you can bet I will be sharing additional biscuit muffins in the future.


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  1. I love the idea of baking only 4 biscuits at a time. Thanks for the reassurance that the biscuits don't taste like mayo (which I really don't like at all).

  2. Those muffins look delicious. And a recipe for only 4. Great idea. Yes it is hard sometimes to cook for only two people when you had been used to feeding a family. Thanks, Rocquie

  3. Small portion recipes are all that I look for. I like eating varieties and not quantity. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sounds wonderful...we LOVE biscuits. I make my biscuits with either buttermilk or sour cream and they really are good, too. I will try your recipe...but, I usually just buy my self-rising flour...love to keep it in the freezer for quick biscuits..sure going to try your recipe, tho.

  5. Hello everyone, I am so bad about offering a reply to your comments, and I offer my apologies!

    Beth, the biscuits are really good, I do hope you try them. I am working hard on coming up with more scratch recipes for just the two of us.

    Rocquie, I often turn to your wonderful blog to get inspiration, thanks for stopping by!

    Kimmy, I hope you come back and check for more small serving recipes, thanks for your visit.

    bj, I too love buttermilk, but don't always keep it around, but now I know I need to make these again with some. I decided to make my own self-rising flour in an attempt to continue on our whole grains journey, with each batch I will increase the whole wheat and decrease the all purpose until I reach a 50/50 mix. Thanks for your visit.

  6. Hi Melynda,
    Lovely muffins! I usually make only half a recipe, most of the time, 6 muffins for the 4 of us. Since I bake quite often, I try not to have leftovers. But sometimes freezing them for later saves time and energy! Your idea for a quick meal for two and just for one meal is a great one. It makes each meal interesting!
    Sorry for visiting so late, as have been busy lately, with things, and with the son having his final exams before he finishes his primary education and going on to the next level!
    Thanks for sharing with CYB! Always appreciate your time in linking!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!

  7. I don't know if I'm a lazy biscuit maker or a reluctant one! I don't enjoy the rolling and cutting, etc. Making biscuits in muffin tins is right up my alley.

    Something you said really struck me... a task to connect you to home and disconnect you from work. I never really thought about it but that's exactly why even when I'm tired and don't feel like cooking, I always feel better afterwards.
    Thank you for sharing with See Ya in the Gumbo this week!

  8. I use a similar recipe, but I just plop spoonfuls of batter down on a pan. The muffins look pretty

  9. Biscuit muffins looks delicious thanks for sharing with Hearth and Soul blog hop. Pinning

  10. Melynda,
    These Biscuits look so good. I have a BIG problem just cooking for two, I always end up freezing the left overs for a latter try. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome post with Full Plate Thursday. Have a great week and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

  11. I am learning to cook for two now that our kids are all out of the house. Your biscuit recipe is perfect! Thank you for sharing on the HomeAcre Hop! Hope to see you tomorrow! - Nancy
    The Home Acre Hop


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