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Tomato Serendipity, a festive foods rewind

During the next few days, I will share some delicious recipes that are perfect for the upcoming holiday gatherings that may occur at your home with family and friends. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

(PS a batch of this Tomato Serendipity makes a great gift for the food lover on your list.)

This recipe originally posted February 15, 2013

Tomato Serendipity
cafe created
makes about 1 1/2 c

Cooks notes and possible words of wisdom:  This blend is delicious! You can use this stuff just about anywhere tomato and/or Parmesan cheese are invited, Sprinkled over soups, pastas, vegetables both hot and cold (salad yes!). And don't forget sandwiches.....

1 c loosely packed dried (not packed in oil) tomato pieces, cut into julienne pieces
1/2 c dried Parmesan cheese or a Parmesan and Romano blend (yep, the kind in the green can.....)

Buzz in your processor until all pieces are approximately the size of the cheese. Put in a serving dish, add a sprinkling spoon and enjoy!

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  1. What a fabulous idea --- I love making spice blends but I never thought to use dried tomatoes, I bet this has a really vivid flavor!!

  2. Interesting, a good thing to try!

  3. i love to blend seasonings and flavors. What a great idea. You are so creative


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