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Add a fried egg and some toast.......

Welcome to Our Sunday Café, we are pleased you stopped by for a visit. Today we are offering another delicious recipe from our kitchen. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did…

Food is an incredible substance. It will nourish, perfect creativity, interview your ideals, and fill your belly.

Hunger is also incredible, it will develop an appreciation, for the simple, for the nutritious, for the here and now.

Appetite is amazing, but it is tricky. It is slick, and glossy and choosy. It will blindside you into eating when you should be satisfying your hunger.

Appetite asks, "what do I want?".

Hunger asks, "what will I eat?"

Hunger is much easier on a cook and the entire household.

It is practiced in our home.

We have a large stock of foods in the dry goods pantry, in the freezer and the refrigerator. From this, we cook, dine and satisfy hunger. When we enter the kitchen to prepare a meal, the question asked is, "So what do we have?" and for this reason, we do not employ a weekly meal plan. Instead, we see what we have, and use what we have, and from there, we enjoy what we eat.

By the time Friday rolls around, easy dinner is, in fact, the preferred choice for the evening's meal. This is where the title Add a fried egg and some toast comes into play. No matter what you have, a fried egg and some toast will always round out the meal. This gratin proved the point and made for a delicious and lovely meal. And I know, we will do this again (because we have done this in the past)......

Put An Egg On It, Friday Night Special.
Friday Night Special, leftovers with an egg on top!

Friday Night Special
by the seat of my pants!
serves the hungry

Leftover Vegetable Gratin, or other vegetables of choice
Whole Grain Bread
Salt & Pepper
Jam and Mustard, if desired

Warm the Gratin set aside.

Slice whole grain bread, begin toasting.

While bread is toasting, fry an egg (or 2) for each person.

Butter the toast.

Top the Gratin with a fried egg, place buttered toast on each plate.

Serve this forth, offering jam for the toast and possibly a bit of mustard for the eggs. It really is delicious.


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  1. Great idea to combine a leftover dish with eggs and toast!

    I agree that the difference between appetite and hunger is significant. I recently read a book that described the difference and said that we should be eating only when we literally have hunger pangs. That's hard to do when sharing meals with a family, though, but I'm trying. In any case, the book made me realize how often I eat because of stress or boredom, rather than hunger.

    I do use a weekly menu plan, because I don't have ingredients on hand for complete meals (without thawing something, at least). And because I'd be fretting over what to make every day if I didn't have a plan!

  2. This meal would be perfectly satisfying and delicious to me.

  3. Quick and easy always a winner with me!

  4. Yummm. So funny that you mention meal planning. I've been on my own (or married) since the early 70s and it wasn't until this past fall that I started meal planning. I was always happy, never stressed.

    But since I decided to try planning, I've found that I've saved money (usually) and that I'm trying a TON of new recipes. So much fun. We'll see if I stick with it once the farmers' markets open.


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