Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Anniversary to us!

We are celebrating today, however so quiet. In all the hustle and bustle of purchasing a home at the coast and the endless details of actually moving, we have succumbed to the flu, of all things.

Life will return to normal, even if a new normal for us, soon. We close on the 29th of February and have help and trucks lined up for the 11th of March. We will go over the weekend before and do a bit of painting and cupboard cleaning so we can move in and be settled that weekend of the 11th.

I have a list of our belongings and each room they belong in so that as the trucks are unloaded we might just move it once! Except for a new bed, we are just picking up our life and settling it in a new home, no other changes.

There will be garden beds to build and plants to transplant, but when the dust settles, it will be just like always, family, home and food.

And we thank you for your visits!

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  1. you sound so organized!!
    Happy Valentine's Day!!! oh and Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. Happy anniversary and I hope you had a good valentine's day. Get well soon, Rocquie


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