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Over and back, the caravan

Everything household and furniture is now sitting in the house and garage at the peninsula. Oh my gosh we were so tired after unloading. We stopped half way back for some dinner to recharge and then got back to Vancouver at about 10:00 PM. We left at about 9:00 AM for a very long day......

Leaving Vancouver and Clark County.

Crossing the bridge from Astoria Oregon back into Washington state.

Leaving the peninsula after unloading to return the truck to the rental agent.

All of the boxes and furnishings are a complete maze of disorganization with lots of work to be done this week. Fortunately I have vacation time scheduled and hope to leave the peninsula home in organized condition. I even hope to make a sho fly pie!

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  1. And now you have what I consider the hardest part of moving behind you. Enjoy getting your new home in order and made into your own. --Rocquie


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