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This and that from far and wide March 2016

Hello, we hope your week is going great on this first day in March. Take a look at what friends and other blogger are cooking up currently or have enjoyed in the past. So much information and recipes from current and older posts on just about every blog, today I am sharing these.....

 Photo courtesy of Oh Lardy!

I have made several fermented drinks, I have yet to master any one however. This Champagne Soda not only looks fun, but looks like something to let the little ones help with. Perfect for a first time fermented beverage. 

Photo courtesy of the Huffington Post

This link is for several conversion charts. These charts are attractive enough to frame, or you can do what I do and keep them handy taped inside a pantry door. Even with a tablet to bring into the kitchen, I still prefer the old fashion way of paper notes, recipes and charts. 

Photo courtesy of eatingrules

If it seems like I am on a fermentation kick, you would be right. As a child we ate fermented foods all the time, I simply did not know it because they were not specifically identified as fermented. This lacto-fermented mustard is on my to-make list.

Photo courtesy of tasting table

Condiments are one of my favorite things to make and eat, but especially eat! This herb jam intrigues me. Must. Make. This.  

Photo courtesy of tasting table

The seasoning on the popcorn is called Magic Dust. Ordinarily, I don't go in for funky sounding food, but I think I need to try this if nothing more than for the magic....


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