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Welcome to Our Sunday Café, we are pleased you stopped by for a visit. Today we are offering another delicious recipe from our kitchen. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did…

UPDATE:  I have made a second batch and like others before have tailored the recipe to fit my personal taste needs and desires. For the second batch, I am allowing a longer ferment period on the counter before placing it in the refrigerator. Plus I have made a few notes on the ingredients below. Otherwise, this will be in my kitchen for a long time to come.

I drink this every day as part of my quest to be healthy through fermented foods and beverages.

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Previously I have brewed Kombucha, and from there tried Water Keifer. But with both beverages, I did not enjoy the finished product. But I also know I have a lot more to learn about both of these fermented beverages, until then, however, I still wanted to be able to produce a fermented, gut helping beverage in my own kitchen. So I kept looking.

A couple of days ago I came across an article for Switchel. Switchel is a beverage made with maple syrup, fresh ginger, apple cider vinegar. It is all-natural with no artificial ingredients and it is also good for your gut and digestive tract. Count me in! Here is how you make Switchel....(it is really easy)

Apple cider vinegar, real maple syrup, minced ginger are the basic ingredients to make Switchel.
Switchel, an old fashion mildly probiotic drink for the whole family.

adapted from:  Wellness Mama

1-quart jar

4 t raw apple cider vinegar (shake the bottle and get some of the "mother" ) UPDATE: I use 5 t for a little more zing.

4 T real maple syrup

1-2 heaping t grated fresh ginger UPDATE: start with 1 t and go from there, ginger is delicious but can be pungent.

cool water - (if your water has fluoride, draw off the water the day before and let stand to clear out the  fluoride)

Add the cider vinegar, maple syrup and grated ginger to your jar. Fill with a scant 4 cups of water, stir gently. Cover with toweling or a small sandwich bag. Let sit on the counter overnight to ferment. UPDATE: Let sit for 36-48 hours for more fermentation. Refrigerate until needed.

Stir, then strain out the ginger pieces before drinking.

I will be taking this with me as I drive to the peninsula to see my dear husband for the weekend. I will report back with my thoughts on this beverage.....


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  1. I've never heard of this,, wow, that sounds really good and really healthy!!!

    1. It is good (and good for you!) any time of year, but especially in the summer month.


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