A Summer Supper Plate, from your well stocked kitchen

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Answer me this, do you have a well-stocked kitchen?

By that, I mean a kitchen where you can make a meal without having to go to the store for a purchase or the neighbors to borrow something? I have, for most of my life. For many years it was stocked with home-canned foods and in other times it was stocked with purchased goods. But, I have usually had a well-stocked kitchen.

You should because it is better for you and your family. You will know the quality of the food you eat and you will be able to eat food, of quality. I hope I am right when I say that I believe a well-stocked kitchen is an idea from the past that is gaining acceptance once again.

Make a Summer Supper Plate, from your well stocked kitchen.
Summer Supper Plate, from your well-stocked kitchen.

Plus on those days when you come home tired and hungry (a dangerous combination!), You can make what I call a Summer Supper Plate. Now don't think for a moment that when summer is over you can no longer make a delicious plate of food. No not at all, when fall arrives you simply change the name to Autumn Supper Plate. I think you get the idea....

The fun part is that it does not matter what you put on the plate, there is no recipe or rules. There is one stipulation however, you must have a well-stocked kitchen.....

This plate is a simple arrangement of fresh mozzarella cheese drizzled with balsamic vinegar. Some thinly sliced meats rolled up very conveniently. A sliced nectarine with sliced purple basil scattered over the top. Then a hand full of berries was used to fill in the open spaces.

My dear husband likes crackers with his Summer Supper Plate, I prefer buttered toast. A glass of wine or iced tea to quench your thirst, a comfortable chair under a shade tree and dinner takes on a whole new meaning. It is soothing and calming after a day at the office and a long commute home. Nothing on this plate prevents the casual environment of an impromptu picnic.

Dinner is easy with a well stocked pantry and A Summer Salad Plate!

The food arranged on your plate will change from season to season, but the enjoyment of a simple fresh dinner made quickly, will never change.  I hope you give this fresh dinner idea a try, I think you will like it as much as we do.


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  1. I love putting together meals like this, especially on hot summer evenings. Thank you for the inspiration and for reminding me of this lovely, frugal, delicious kind of supper!


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