A kite festival and the importance of NEVER giving up.....

Today we packed a lunch, some chairs, our cameras and took off down the road to take in the Kite Festival in Long Beach Washington. The weather was a perfect 68 and windy, exactly what the kite festival organizers wanted. Not to mention the folks that traveled many miles to be a contestant in the kite festival.

Folks came from everywhere, this group was from Canada.

As soon as we hit the sand, off came our shoes. As I sit here keying in these words, I can feel the slight sting of sunburn on the tops of my feet. They haven't seen the sun since the last time I went to a festival and got a bit burned, in the same spot....

There were wonderful kites of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some kites were high fliers and others were so large they just barely hovered a few feet above the sand. It appeared some folks had brought as many kites as would fit in their car because as soon as they could they would get a second or third kite up.

Everyone was having a nice, quiet time. Most of us were amazed at the ability to make a kite do tricks on command. This was one area of the competition. A huge area was roped off and only the competitor was inside the boundary. Music was played and there was a set of commands that the handler completed for points. Rounds of applause were heard time and time again.

After awhile we grew chilly and returned to our motorhome to warm up. When we did, that is when I spotted her. Immediately I was struck by her fierce determination to keep living life to the fullest. It is said that we keep learning if we keep looking. Today I was looking.

While I have always been a hard worker, there are days when for brief moments in time, I  just want to give up, because I am tired. Or more to the point, tired of the struggle, of trying to get it all done, yet never quite succeeding.........

But today I observed that one should never give up. No matter your position in this life, there is always something to look forward to, even if it takes you longer to achieve your goal. I did not interrupt her travels, it was clear she had no qualms with walking any path on her own. While I do not know her, I immediately respected her.

I was careful to only photograph her from behind, my goal was to document her fierce independence and determination to enjoy life. The personal lesson that I enjoyed learning, was simply a bonus.

Thank you, dear lady, in the blue jacket with your pal by your side. You made my day.

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  1. I love to see the different kinds of kites that fly!

    I guess we all can learn something from those that cross our path. It truly is important to keep going, no matter how slow is your progress. Great lesson.

  2. That kite event looks like a wonderful way to spend the day. Isn't it amazing how they arranged perfect weather for it? ;0D

    Thank you for your words of wisdom concerning the sweet lady on her way. I needed to hear those words today.

    So glad you shared your outdoor post on the one and only Maple Hill Hop!

  3. A kite festival?What a fun outing! I love your observations about the lady in blue, a sweet reminder for life. Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday!

  4. What a lovely post! The kite festival looks like great fun, and I did love your mention of the lady in blue, Melynda. It was very thought-provoking. Thank you for sharing this post with us at the Hearth and Soul Hop.


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