Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day, Jeff Hertzberg M.D. and Zoe Francois

I have never met a cookbook I did not like! I have owned thousands, literally. We downsized to move to the peninsula and I gave up about 1500 - 1800 cookbooks. I guess that speaks to my love of the sea! Yet there are so many wonderful book shops on the peninsula that my collection is growing again just a bit.....

Since the move, I have used the books I did keep on a regular basis. I guess I must admit that having so many was more a collection than a working group of recipes, as it was overwhelming to try and select one to use.

At this time I tend to use one cookbook for awhile and get a feel for the recipes contained in the pages and in a month or so, change out for a different book. In this way, I am using my cookbooks and having a fun time with new or different ways to prepare our daily meals.

I had purchased the original Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, when it became available, much like millions of others. And I made a few batches of dough for our enjoyment, but soon the book became just another on the shelf in the "cookbook room" (yes it did take a whole room to store my collection.....).

Fast forward the sale of a house, the purchase of another, moving to the peninsula and a change in jobs and we are now snug as a bug in our smaller coastal home. And along the way we continued on our journey to eat whole grain, organic foods with an emphasis on increasing our consumption of vegetables and fruits.

Enter this book.

The recipes are mostly whole grain recipes. And from reading through I found so many to earmark for future baking. In past times I made all our bread and I hope to do so once again. This book reaffirms my opinion that bread is the basis for a great meal. And for those with gluten intolerance, there is a chapter devoted to specialty recipes.

Here are a few I will be making:

100% Whole Grain Rosemary Potato Dinner Rolls with a Salt Crust
Quinoa Bread
100% Whole Grain Maple Oatmeal Bread
Sweet Potato Spelt Bread
Bran Muffin Bread

There are also wonderful whole grain sweet loaves of bread, those will find a way to our holiday table this Christmas. Crafting bread feeds so many of our senses, in the making, baking and eating. I am sure that is why I love fresh bread on the table for my family.

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  1. I downsized my thousands of cookbooks last year. I still have too many.

    I hope you report back on your success with the bread. I'm an experienced bread baker, but I didn't have consistently good results with the 5-minutes-a-day recipes I tried.

  2. Beth Fish, I had some difficulties with the first book and did not even consider the second. But now my husband is on the board for the library association and he found this book at the fundraising sale and brought it home to me. I was smitten with the book and the recipes, I am hoping that they are more consistent as well!


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