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On the job front, one significate change that will impact our us is a change in my work schedule, from Monday - Friday with weekends off, to Thursday - Monday. Fortunately, this will only last until the end of 2016.....( because retirement is looming...).

This week on my days off, we loaded up the motorhome and took off for Vancouver Washington on Tuesday morning. We wanted/needed to complete one of the two remaining loads from our former home. The 40 plus years of Christmas decorations stored in the attic space above the garage.

I need to tell you right now, that 99% of all 40 years came here to the smaller peninsula house. I hope to have more common sense when it is time to decorate in a couple of months.....

In another month or so, we shall load up and head back for the final load. We need to dig up a Nine Bark Tree and a Crepe Myrtle and replant them here. Then we will finally be done with moving. All trips back to Vancouver from that point will be to see loved ones. 

Along the way back home we enjoyed some beautiful scenery. I love living here, it is always beautiful no matter the season. 

By the time we pulled into the driveway and got unloaded, it was raining. Here rain can be a welcome relief as it affords one the opportunity to get other things done indoors. Including a bit of relaxing. So that is what we did. 

The wind is howling and the wind chimes are busy, but we are not.  

The cat was stern with us upon our return, but he warmed up quickly. We had left the radio on for him since one of us is usually home during the day. I think the music helped. 

And the rosebuds brought in so the deer would not eat them in our absence had bloomed. I love the cheerful look of fresh flowers on a kitchen table. 

We brought back some fun foods to cook, including kiwi berries and delicata squash. Plus we helped ourselves to an acorn squash from the daughter's garden.

And finally, I finished this book. Much of it was about grieving, with a recipe for each chapter. I must say I do see the connection of a long term career/job ending and a grieving process. But I can't say I totally enjoyed that part of the story. This part of her journey/story seemed removed from the daily lives of most folks. 

The recipes, on the other hand, are spectacular and I have many in mind to try. I was pleased to read that in Ruth Reichl's opinion recipes in a cookbook do not have to be perfect, they should reflect the food served in our homes and to our families. 

And with that, I found common ground with Ruth Reichl. 

Which wraps up our week, and now I ask, how was your week? I would love to hear about it. 

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  1. We have to clean out a storage unit from when we moved to NYC eight years ago. It's time for all that stuff to go. I loved the scenic views you posted, so beautiful.

  2. It's always those little things that remain... but cool that you're bringing back some trees. I've read most of Ruth Reichl's books, but not that one yet. Glad that the recipes were great.

  3. When I take my dog somewhere in the car, I have to play the radio. She gets carsick without in on.

    I'm moving from a 2200+ sq. ft. house to a 700 sq. ft. house, so I'll be downsizing quite a bit.

  4. I enjoyed that Ruth Reichl book. Moving home is just such a big deal. Having done it a year and a half ago I don't ever want to go through that again! Lots of luck with the new house. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  5. Where to start...I haven't read that Reichel book yet but I plan to, it's on my Goodreads list.

    Moving after so many years, is it traumatic? It sounds like you are excited and everything is going well. Retirement looms for us too and we have often talked about moving north, to Tennessee from north Florida. I am hearing about more people moving after retirement and so it doesn't seem like a crazy idea anymore. Maybe it's the familiarity of places I like to shop, my doctor and dentist whom I like very much and well....familiarity. I am excited for you all and glad the cat is ok with your absence, lol!

    Any advice on moving after retirement is appreciated.

  6. Loved your photos - that region looks beautiful! I have never visited but would really like to.

    I have only read one Reichl book (Comfort Me with Apples) - I really enjoyed it and would love to read more from her.


    Book By Book


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