Thanksgiving Desserts for Families that don't like Pumpkin Pie

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I love pumpkin pie! I love it, and I could eat it year-round. The only problem, I am the only one that does. This year I will forgo pumpkin pie and enjoy other options that I am baking for my family.

My husband prefers anything chocolate and/or cheesecake. For his Thanksgiving dessert, I am making a cheesecake. Plus we have some lovely blueberries in the freezer for a lemon blueberry sauce, to go with.

My daughter prefers Pecan Pie, so that is what I am making for her dessert, this Thanksgiving. Pecan Pie has become a tradition for her dessert request each year. Don't get me wrong, I am not about to pass up a slice of Pecan Pie (or any pie for that matter.....), but let's be honest it is not pumpkin....

My Son - in - Law is not a fan of pie, period. So I am making a cake for his Thanksgiving dessert. I know just the one, it has a touch of chocolate, a little spice, and stays moist. My guess is, every one of us will probably get in eating some of the cake.......

One Thanksgiving many years ago I made a selection of pies to offer my guests, two pumpkin pies, one sweet potato pie, and one carrot pie. It was fun to try the different flavors, side by side.

I like having a selection of desserts when we have guests, and Thanksgiving always includes guests. Especially now that we live on the peninsula, even when the kids come home, they are guests.

If you have the same dessert story or something even close, I have a few suggestions for alternative desserts you might want to serve, in place of pumpkin pie.

Carrot Pie, differently delicious! From Family Circles, Best of the Best series.
Refreshingly different and delicious Carrot Pie
This Carrot Pie was a Family Circle Magazine, Best of the Best Recipe. And it is delicious. A different spice mix from pumpkin pie, it is not only delicious but a refreshing change. Fortunately, carrots are available year round! I have been making this pie for over 20 years.

Nova Scotia Cream Cake, blueberries and sour cream teamed up in a delicious cake to serve to guests.
Nova Scotia Cream Cake
Nova Scotia Cream Cake. That is about all I need to say except, this contains blueberries, sour cream and a crumb crust on the bottom, and it is delicious. This dessert cuts like cheesecake and is full of fruit.

Cranberry Bliss Bars, homemade and delicious.
Cranberry Blis Bars, yes just like the coffee house!
Cranberry Bliss Bars, need no real introduction, but I will say that this recipe adapted from Top Secret is better than the coffee house version, because you make them yourself! These bar cookies need no further bragging (they are so good!).

Pear Creme Pie, pears, spice and a delicious (non-dairy) creme filling.
Pear Creme Pie
This Pear Creme Pie was such a pleasant surprise. I had never used pears in a pie before, and once I made this pie, I thought "what took you so long?", it is that good! Plus this is a non-dairy dessert if you need that option, for one of your guests.

Brown Butter and Fruit Skillet Cobbler, fruit cobbler with a tender brown butter cake topping.
Brown Butter and Fruit Skillet Cobbler
This Brown Butter and Fruit Skillet Cobbler can't be easy to make, because the brown butter flavor is divine. But it is! This is perfect as is or with a small scoop of ice cream while it is still a bit warm from the oven. Kids, in particular, will love this dessert.

I hope you give these delicious desserts a try, if not this Thanksgiving, the next time you have family and friends at your table.


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  1. These look delicious! I love any kind of dessert so I am in!

    1. I hope you like them as much as we do, thanks for visiting.

  2. These look amazing! I love pumpkin pie too, it's probably my favourite but my family isn't as enthusiastic. That Nova Scotia Cream Cake sounds great!

    1. Thank you, I hope you try the Nova Scotia Cream Cake, it is very blueberry.


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