How to Turn Your Desk into a "stand up" Workstation.

Welcome to Our Sunday Café, we are pleased you stopped by for a visit. Today we are offering another frugal and worthy project from our home to yours. Today I have another project that is a little different for us to offer, but I think you will like it...

This is not our usual topic, but when I mentioned what my husband was building for me, I was asked to share the results, so we are about to do just that. This is an outline or suggestion if you will, as there are so many different styles of computer desks. You can see what we did and make the changes you might want.

To begin: We share one room for office and crafts, and it gets a bit crowded, especially since I have begun working on Christmas gifts. But it really began some time ago, when I realized that my computer desk did not fit the space and more importantly, it did not fit me, in that I felt very crowded. Crowded as things were, I was not able to comfortably move the office chair to sit down or get up. Worse still was that the chair pad kept moving away from the desk as the chair glided over the top. Frequently it would need to put back in front of the desk.

Which seemed to happen almost daily, urrrgh.

But there was more because things did not fit, I was hunched over to operate all the different items needed, keyboard, mouse, camera, etc. And thank you very much but nature is doing a fine job of rounding my back and shoulders, I don't need help there!

And then I had that ah-ha moment. Years ago I stood all day in front of a computer serving the public, it seemed to me, it was time to go back in time.....

So I asked my dear husband to build me a platform to put the desk on and turn it into a standing workstation. So he did.

Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • If your computer desk has wheels/casters take that into effect for measuring. You will want the frame directly on the platform for stability.
  • Make sure you have room for your feet, or else you won't be comfortable. We built in a toe-kick.
  • Leave room for any cords or electrical outlets that might be behind the desk by leaving the back open. You are then able to slide the platform closer to the wall, saving valuable room space. 
  • We used (note: We usually refers to my dear husband doing the work, I disclose this because I do believe in truth in all things, especially here on the blog!) 2X8 lumber, it is strong enough to hold the desk and equipment and was about the right height that we needed. If you need more height, 2X10 might serve your needs better.  
And now...
Use 2X8 lumber to make a platform and turn your computer desk into a stand up workstation!
From desk to workstation!
Starting at upper left and moving right:

There is a toe kick, giving room for your feet and the ability to get close to the keyboard.

The backside is open for electrical wires and outlets to fit under the platform.

Before the change over, messy desk and big office chair took up so much space!!!

After, now I have a sleek workstation!

Now all we need to move the snarky artwork that was above the desk, I still need a good chuckle from time to time!

Have a great day!

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  1. It's so important to be comfortable in your office - and I love how your husband has transformed yours, Melynda. Stand up desks are so much better for you - Thank you so much for sharing hints and tips at Hearth and Soul so others can make this happen in their offices too!


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