Basic Wheat Bread with Raisins Dates and Walnuts, for the first time baker

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When we returned home from Christmas spent out of town with the kids, we had been blessed to be a part of an extended celebration for friends and family. My daughter and I cooked and washed dishes for three days! I got to see how proud I am of her for her own home management and I learned a couple of cooking tricks as well. 

Once home we took a day to rest and honestly I was a bit over-done in the cooking area. I also had a husband under the weather and as such, we extended our quiet time for a few more days. Fortunately, he is better now and along the way, I started in with my kitchen changes for 2017, I began baking our bread. 

Basic Wheat Bread from Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day. Easy no-knead process.

I had picked up Healthy Bread in Five Minutes A Day, a few months ago without knowing I would make this change for the new year. I decided to start out baking from this book with this change. I need to clarify that I originally started baking bread for my family 40+ years ago, the old-fashioned way. I would mix everything in a large bowl, turning the mass out to be kneaded into a silky mound. Let it rise, then shape into loaves, to be set in a warm place to rise a second time before baking. 

After the bread was baked, I would stash one loaf into the freezer for later, then in a few days, the baking process was repeated. We ate white bread at the time for our daily bread, but later I started experimenting with oats and other grains. But we never ate whole-grain bread as our daily bread. That Christmas I was given a stand mixer with a dough hook. From there our bread was more consistent in texture and I could tell by the sound of the mixer when kneading was complete. It took me a while to realize I missed the hands-on feel of baking after I got the mixer, but other tasks were calling just as loudly for my time. 

Basic Wheat Bread from Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day. Easy no-knead process.

Fast forward those same 40+ years and bread baking has truly surged in popularity and there are new baking processes one might wish to try. Which brings us to this bread recipe, there is no kneading, none. I am trying hard to take that information in and use it in full because my learned (and well used) technique is that bread dough is kneaded. 

And while this bread has a good flavor, and would be a perfect recipe for any beginning baker, in my opinion, kneaded bread dough produces a more tender crumb and an airy light loaf. That soft and uniform crumb of the finished loaf is only achieved with the development of gluten in the kneading process. 

Based upon our taste test, I have, to be honest, and offer that no-knead bread will have a dense texture in comparison to the loaf of bread, that has been kneaded. Making no-knead bread perfect for toast, but too heavy and dense for sandwiches.  

Here goes...

Basic Wheat Bread, easy no-knead process, perfect for a new baker to master.
Basic Wheat Bread with added Raisins, Dates, and Walnuts

Basic Wheat Bread
adapted from: Healthy Bread in Five Minutes A Day
350-degree oven, on baking day

5 1/2 c whole wheat flour
2 c all-purpose flour 
2 packets yeast OR 1 1/2 T bulk yeast
1 T sea salt

1/4 c oil
1/4 c honey
3 1/2 c warm water

Combine the dry ingredients in a large bowl, whisk to combine. Add oil, honey, and water. Using a wooden spoon stir the contents of the bowl together, making sure that there are no wet pockets and no dry pockets. When all ingredients are mixed together and the dough is uniform, cover and let rise in a warm place for 2 hours. 

Stir down the dough, and place it into a lidded container. Refrigerate for 24 hours before baking. Note: the dough is easier for shaping after the resting period. This amount of dough will make four round artisan loaves or two standard loaf pan, loaves of bread. The directions below are for loaves of bread.

On baking day, for one loaf, remove half of the stored dough. Shape into a loaf on a lightly floured surface, place into a prepared loaf pan, let rise until doubled in size. Place into a cold oven, and preheat the oven to 350-degrees. Let the bread bake 35-45 minutes or until done in your oven. 

Turn bread out to cool, when completely cool, wrap for storage. 

It is very easy to knead fruit and nut pieces into the dough when shaping before baking. The perfect time to turn a portion of dough into a fruited bread. Come to think of it, diced cheddar would also be good.....let the baking begin!


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  1. I haven't been happy with the no-knead bread, but part of it is that my kitchen always requires extra flour. When I knead by hand, stand mixer, or bread machine, I can add flour as necessary. My no-knead dough always comes out too sticky and I'm just not motivated to start the process of figuring out just how much extra flour I need to add. On the other hand, you may have motivated me to try again.

    1. I have always been honest in my blogging and there is no recipe that is not eaten by us before posting. I have gone back and added notes regarding the same issues you shared in your comment. While I am searching for is a springy loaf with a soft crumb. But I stand by the loaf as a first time baker's project. It is hard to want to continue baking without an early success, and this does make great toast. Thank you for visiting.

  2. Several years ago I joined a group that was baking from Peter Reinhart's Bread Baker's Apprentice book and I made every single recipe in the book from start to finish with the group. Here's my link in case you want to see the breads and consider baking from the book, it is such a great book: It was wonderful. I learned so much just jumping in and doing it. The book was organized alphabetically by bread names and not by beginner to advanced so I was a little afraid as I didn't know how to bake bread at all. :-) But I did it, it is an excellent book as the recipes are written so even a novice can have success each and every time. I need to get back into the habit of baking bread, it is so soothing and relaxing and rewarding. Your loaf looks absolutely beautiful and delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I hope I get to see more of your bread baking, and I will mark this one to try soon.

    1. Thanks for the book referral, I love baking bread and the more I learn, the more I want to learn. I will have to check into the one you mentioned!

  3. I would just love a nice slice of this bread toasted with butter, yum! Thanks so much for sharing this awesome post with us at Full Plate Thursday. Have a great week and hope to see you again real soon!
    Miz Helen

  4. Happy New Year, Melynda! I am so glad your husband is feeling better. I love whole grain breads like this, especially when they have nuts and dried fruit. Thank you so much for sharing this delicious recipe with us at Hearth and Soul. Sharing on our H&S Facebook page later.

  5. This looks VERY easy and delicious - love it!
    Plus, I've never made bread with fruits, so this will go straight to my to-do list :)

    Have a great week!


  6. Mmmmm...There's something wonderful about home baked bread! I love your analysis of the difference between kneaded and no-knead bread. So helpful. Thanks for linking up with us at Funtastic Friday!

  7. I have also had trouble with the no knead bread. None of my loaves ever looked like you. And I love making bread. I will keep trying.

  8. Hi Melynda,
    I have a copy of this book too and have only tried a couple of recipes from it. it was fun when I first baked from it, but I find myself reaching out for other bread books that calls for kneading the dough, mostly using the stand mixer. If you are looking for a no knead bread recipe, there's an outstanding one from Dan Lepard, Sour Cream Sandwich Bread. The technique he used is fold and rest, three times, no kneading. It is one of the best soft fluffy white bread I've made. Google for it and you can find the recipe from the internet.
    Thanks for linking. Wish you a healthy and wonderful year!


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