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Don't forget to enjoy the last week of the year...

Welcome to Our Sunday Café, we are pleased you stopped by for a visit. Today we are offering another delicious recipe from our kitchen a bit of creative writing. We hope you enjoy it as much as we I did when I wrote it.....

Note:  This is shared from another day, on another blog that I will no longer have the time to keep up once we are settled into our small RV home. I did not want to delete that blog without keeping a few of the better pieces of creative writing. Yes, I do realize that better is also subject to having a skill! With all that, creative writing is something I enjoy and hope to do more of while building additional skills. Thank you for indulging me... 

I love the hush that takes over the neighborhood and my small town the day after Christmas. All the frenzy is put to rest and the celebration we all enjoyed is now a warm memory to enjoy time and time again. But then we come to that last week in the year, you know the one, where it is difficult to know what to do with yourself. Because...

You're a bit tired from the wonderful Christmas you just enjoyed with family and friends and possibly a little too much of those holiday foods that you don't routinely eat, except for special occasions, like Christmas.


You're pretty sure you want to take a vacation in a warm climate, but that old bank account is saying no, no, no...


You're growing a bit tired of the decor that spilled out and all over the house in this wonderful celebration we just enjoy. But you're not ready to invest the energy to put it all away, as you clearly remember how much work it was to put it all up!


You're missing the cookies that have already been eaten. And wishing the ones you don't enjoy quite as much, had been baked in a smaller batch or possibly not at all. Unfortunately, there is still too much food for anything to be baked...


It is the middle of the week, and there is no football to watch, or shopping to do, or chores that are calling your name (well not loudly enough, anyway!). So you feel a bit off-kilter.

But then...

All of a sudden someone gives you a big hug and a heartfelt Thank you, and you truly know that Christmas and all the work involved is so worth it and you really can't wait for next year!

But for now, you have decided that any New Year's resolutions, will just have to wait because right now it is the perfect time to do nothing and enjoy the memories of this year. Because this is the last week of the year, and this moment will never happen again, for you to enjoy!


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