A new use for that 5 Gallon Bucket Toolbox, re-purposed for kitting and sewing.

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Over half of our furnishing that will not be going on this adventure, have been sold. Our too small to live in, but really nice Motorhome, is now sold. Our second car, sold. Our little utility trailer, sold. And while I have kept the house in "show ready" condition, it is much less furnished.

We have had two, 2-day yard sales along with individual appointments for larger items that were easier to sell outside of a garage sale environment. Plus that way we only had to carry them once! I am culling out cookbooks that won't be needed, oh boy is that hard.....

My dear husband has about 1500 books (yes, really that many) to go through and decide to pack it or purge it to the next garage sale. I might have to nudge him a bit to get this going....
All of the food that was stored on a pantry shelf in the garage has been moved into the house. This way I can keep better track of what we have and not purchase it again before needed, plus I want that big wooden shelf to be up for sale at the next garage sale.

Our weather is turning to a bit of rain, it is a good thing that we have a double car garage to hold these sales in. Tomorrow we are driving north to take a look at a one-ton truck, that we will use to pull our 5th wheel when we take off, once the house sells. And speaking of the house, we have decided to list. This is a very small market and doing it ourselves we have come to believe is not in our best interest at this time.

Which brings me to the idea I came up with to store knitting and sewing supplies, once we do take off. I had remembered this purple bucket and tool belt, way up on the shelf a couple of days ago, while taking yet another look around for things to add to the next garage sale. Thinking that I needed to get a step stool or my dear husband to get it down. Which did not happen until today, due to yet another, sleepless night.

Awake it came to me that while I never did use it much as a toolbox, it is still in great shape so why not turn it into a carryall for knitting and sewing supplies? It will not take up much room, it will not break, and everything will be in one place. I can even store it in a closet out of the way. So that is what I did. I also used a collapsible salad bowl from my old lunch kit, and a freezer container, both items I found in the cupboard.

Take a look...

Re-purposed 5 gallon bucket toolbox, to hold sewing and knitting supplies.

Re-purposed 5 Gallon Craft Bucket
Inspired by another sleepless night!

Re-purposed 5 gallon bucket toolbox, to hold sewing and knitting supplies.

The largest loom ring fits perfectly around the top edge. Plus there are plenty of open pockets to store other items I might find I need later on for quick mending.

Have a great day!

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