Double Batch of Seeded Whole Grain Bread

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It has been very busy here and strangely, quiet as well. Four garage sales in 5 weeks, 1 load of outdoor furniture taken to storage in Vancouver and then we caught colds.....Our winter rain has started and there is a chill in the air. Now we wait for a buyer for our house so we may move forward with our plans for a 5th Wheel and full-time RV living.

I have been continuing to trim down the kitchenwares and perfect small-batch cooking. I also for fun, have started a Facebook page for small batch recipes that are cooked on the stovetop or oven. Even when boondocking, one had a propane stove. Simply titled RV Kitchen, I add 1 or 2 recipes daily from my archives here at OurSundayCafe.

And yet, the one thing that has worked the best for us is a double batch of whole-grain dough in the ABM. I had concerns that the volume would be too much for the machine (it is not!) or that the dough would not be soft and stay fresh once bakes (it is soft and fresh!) or that we would tire of it, but the truth is, this dough is so adaptable it is perfect for two loaves of bread, one plain and one flavored.

To flavor, the dough, flatten out onto a prepared surface, sprinkle the desired flavor over the dough. Fold into thirds, flatten and fold into thirds, repeat twice more. You can use any flavor you choose, such as raisins or other dried fruit, chopped nuts, chocolate chips, diced hard cheese. You may butter the surface if desired and sprinkle with herbs and a touch of garlic salt. The only limits are your preferred flavors! Baking times should be the same.

This is a seeded, high protein loaf of bread, perfect for sandwiches, toast or simple bread and butter to go along with soup or a salad. Like previous loaves, it starts the day before...

Double Batch of Seeded Whole Grain Bread. ABM started, oven baked.
Seeded Whole Grain Bread

Double Batch of Seeded Whole Grain Bread
by the seat of my pants!
350-degree oven for baking

2 c water
2 t apple cider vinegar
7 - 8 c whole wheat flour

Combine in a large bowl, cover and let rest overnight.

The following day, place in the ABM pan in the following order:

1/4 c water
1/4 c oil
1/4 c honey
4 t instant yeast
soaked whole wheat flour
2/3 c oatmeal (not instant)
2 T chia seeds
2 T golden flax seeds
1/4 c hemp hearts (high in protein and essential fatty acids)
1/2 c gluten flour
2 t salt

additional flour, oat bran or almond flour, for shaping into loaves

Double Batch of Seeded Whole Grain Bread. ABM started, oven baked.

Use the dough cycle to process. When finished, remove from ABM pan onto a prepared surface. Deflate completely, divide in half, shape into loaves. Place into prepared pans and let rise until doubled in bulk (approximately 45 minutes)

Bake 35-40 minutes or until done in your oven. Let rest in the pans a minute or two, turn out onto wire racks to cool completely.

Double Batch of Seeded Whole Grain Bread. ABM started, oven baked.


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