How to make Citrus and Vinegar Spray Cleaner, all natural and smells great! Updated.

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But today we are talking about a recipe a different kind, homemade Citrus and Vinegar Spray Cleaner. 

I love a good fragrance, but I want it to be fresh and natural. Artificial and or overpowering fragrances tend to send me packing! This is true from my own perfume to my cleaning products.

While waiting for our house to sell, I am using my time wisely to get our recipes and household ready to make the small move into our 5th wheel. Our food has been easy, we eat fairly simple if not delicious. Our clothes are for the most part what is now referred to as a pocket wardrobe, jeans along with shirts and the needed undergarments. Dressed up for us, will be a new pair of jeans!

Which now brings us to cleaning supplies. I have made my own Homemade Laundry Detergent for some time now, we love it, plus our clothes are clean and they smell fresh, naturally. Another laundry trick is a set of these homemade woolen laundry balls, you won't need fabric softener sheets. If you find your fabric is static producing, add a ball of wadded up aluminum foil...

This Citrus and Vinegar Spray Cleaner also makes a great freshener for your laundry in the dryer, simply spritz a bit on a piece of cloth and toss it in with the laundry, or better yet, spritz a bit on your woolen dryer balls. You can easily make a set for your self, the process is found here.

I have Easy Clean, a surface spray cleaner that is handy and now this new household product, Citrus, and Vinegar Spray Cleaner.

Vinegar is one of my favorite cleaning staples. It is cheap and does a great job. Lemon is one of my favorite smells, very fresh and clean. Combine the two and you have a great spray cleaner that won't choke anyone up, especially in a small home. Plus this is frugal to make and did I mention easy? Let's be honest, who wants difficult and time-consuming when there is so much to enjoy, all around you!

When we use a lemon, I simply put the peel in the freezer, when I have a few, it is time to make this cleaner, it is that simple. Being frozen does not impair the process and there is always a little corner of even the smallest freezer to hold a lemon peel or two....

Citrus and Vinegar Spray Cleaner, all natural and smells great!

Citrus and Vinegar Spray Cleaner
by the seat of my pants, but found everywhere on the internet...

1 small glass jar
the rind from 2-3 lemons, cut up if necessary to fit into the jar
white vinegar, to cover

Make sure the rinds are below the surface of the vinegar, this will prevent spoiling. A small glass set inside the jar is very helpful to keep the rinds kept below the surface of the vinegar. Let rest in an out of the way spot for 2 weeks or so, then...

Citrus and Vinegar Spray Cleaner, all natural and smells great!

Drain the vinegar into a spray bottle, take a look and add the same amount of water. Shake gently and you have a wonderful little bottle of spray cleaner for your home.

Citrus and Vinegar Spray Cleaner, all natural and smells great!

Remember to save those peels, lemon, orange, and lime. They all work well!

Citrus and Vinegar Spray Cleaner, all natural and smells great!

I personally like to wipe the counter or surface of any loose dried food particles, then spray with a bit of the vinegar and scrub/wipe clean with a damp cloth.

UPDATE: By the way, since vinegar is a completely natural ingredient. And like all things in nature, it has a built-in mechanism if you will for, recycling or continuation, known as a "Mother". You will notice the bottle of vinegar has a cloudy mass floating in the center, this is a mother.  You can use the mother from a bottle of vinegar and create more vinegar. 

 A "Mother" forming in a bottle of plain vinegar.
A "Mother" that was strained from a bottle of homemade vinegar cleaner.
Vinegar based cleaning supplies may form a mother after they have been stored for a time. You may do one of two things.

1. bring the strained Citrus and Vinegar Spray Cleaner to a boil, which will not harm the end product in any way, but will destroy the naturally occurring mother or,

2. The Citrus and Vinegar Spray Cleaner can be stored in the refrigerator. Where a mother will not form. The cold storage will not impede the cleaning properties. The choice is yours.

If on the other hand, you use your Citrus and Vinegar spray quickly, you may never see a mother form!

Happy cleaning!

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  1. Artificial and overpowering fragrances start me sneezing, coughing, eyes watering, etc. I have never cleaned with vinegar (although natural) because I can't stand the smell of it. Adding citrus to it is a brilliant idea! Thank you, Rocquie

    1. I am in total agreement! I like cleaners like this one. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.

  2. I have been wanting to make my own cleaner!

    1. Give this one a try, it is wonderful smelling and naturally a good cleaner.


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