Easy Baked Oatmeal

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I have wanted to make baked oatmeal for some time now, and after much thought realized what had stopped me was all the ingredients. Silly, I know, but it is the truth. Most recipes call for fruit or a combination of fruit and while that all seems delicious, for our small family 8 to 9 servings of the same oatmeal each day until gone, did not seem like a good choice for us.

Yet, I wanted a convenient breakfast. Breakfast is very important to me, and I have learned that when  I start the day off with a healthy breakfast, it is easy to keep going on healthy choices for the rest of the day. Plus, I am hungry when I get up and once my coffee has been enjoyed, I want to move on to breakfast! We have also observed that the differences in our appetites in the morning did not disappear with retirement. Just like our years of working, I am ready for breakfast before my husband.

Choices like baked oatmeal, overnight oats or whole-grain muffins help keep us both fed and in good spirits. Plus we can eat when we are each ready. I don't eat after dinner, so breakfast is a good 12 hours after my last meal. While my dear husband enjoys a bit of dessert with TV about 8:00 pm or so and he usually does not have an appetite for breakfast until about 10:00 am....

This basic recipe allows for the addition of any fresh or dried fruit we might want to top it with or add to before baking, the choice is yours. It is also perfectly delicious plain with a splash of milk and a drizzle of real maple syrup. While this dish does not win any beauty contests, it is so good. I usually eat it with coconut milk and it fills my breakfast needs very well!

Easy Baked Oatmeal, with or without fruit when you bake and when you serve!
Easy Baked Oatmeal.

Easy Baked Oatmeal
adapted from: Basic Baked Oatmeal
350-degree oven

2 eggs
2 t vanilla
1/4 t salt
1 t baking powder
1 c unsweetened applesauce
1 c milk
1/3 c brown sugar

3 c oatmeal

1/4 c coconut oil, melted and cooled

Beat the first group of ingredients (eggs through brown sugar) well.

Easy Baked Oatmeal, with or without fruit when you bake and when you serve!

Stir in oats and then coconut oil.

Easy Baked Oatmeal, with or without fruit when you bake and when you serve!

Turn mixture into a 6X8 loaf dish and bake 35 minutes or until done in your oven.

Easy Baked Oatmeal, with or without fruit when you bake and when you serve!

Note: it can be difficult to know this mixture is done, so I use the knife test, much like a baked custard.
Serve immediately or chill in the refrigerator and warm a serving in the microwave.


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