How to Cook Beets in the Electric Pressure Cooker

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One of the promises I made to myself was to master cooking in the EPC, and in time transition those recipes or meal prep foods to the stovetop pressure cooker as well. For my first cooking of whole unpeeled beets, I opted for the EPC. But clearly, this would be the perfect way to use the stovetop model!

We love beets, usually buying a bundle at the Co-op. Our first meal from that purchase is the greens, cooked simply with salt, pepper. I am careful to not oversalt the greens, as the final step I like is to boil off the water until about a tablespoon remains, then stir in a small splash of vinegar. If these are not eaten that night for dinner, they go into the fridge for holding until the next evening, only needing a quick warm-up.

The beets, on the other hand, were more of a long-term project. I have rubbed them with oil and roasted them on a baking sheet, but with some of the larger beets, this can take 2 hours or more. Boiling in a large pot of water presented the same challenges. But this method changes all that. Here, let me show you, it is a process rather than a recipe, let's take a look.

Golden Beets ready for cooking in the pressure cooker.

How to Cook Beets in the EPC

Scrub beets of the excess sand and grit.

Place on the steamer rack that came with your cooker.

Add 1 cup of water to the cooker.

Secure lid. Cook 30 minutes.

Let pressure release naturally for 10 minutes.

Release pressure manually, open the lid and let beets cool for peeling.

The skin on a beet is easy to remove, by "slipping" it right off.

Peel by slipping the skins off with your fingers.

Cooked and peeled, ready to eat!

Serve immediately or refrigerate until serving.

We will be enjoying a sliced beet salad, one of our favorites! And now on to another new food to cook in the EPC.....


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