Crunchy Tangy Jicama Waldorf Salad

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During our year of volunteering with the National Park Service, we often found ourselves far from the convenience of a large grocery store. This meant that while there was good (and delicious!) produce, it was understocked by comparison to what you will find in the stores in larger communities. But, honestly, it was the perfect time to get creative and produce another delicious meal to enjoy.

Now to be honest when I first threw this together, I really didn't know if it was going to be good or not. But I also knew that the sum of the parts would not go to waste, even if I had to eat it all myself in order not to waste any food.

When I dished up my serving at dinner it turned out, I only wished I could have gotten the chance to eat it all, because it was crisp, delicious and refreshing! 

Because jicama takes the place of apples, if you prefer a sweeter traditional salad, feel free to use two tablespoons of sugar. I hope you give this Crunchy Tangy Jicama Waldorf Salad, a try. 

Crunchy Tangy Jicama Waldorf Salad! Creative and delicious.

Crunchy, Tangy Jicama Waldorf Salad 
by the seat of my pants!

1 generous c of diced jicama
2 ribs celery, diced
2 T mayonnaise of choice
1 T apple cider vinegar
1-2 T sugar ( I used 1 T, your family may prefer it a bit sweeter)
A fist full of pecans or walnuts, broken and set aside

Stir all ingredients together, except the pecans/walnuts.

Let rest at room temperature until mealtime, up to 2 hours. 

Scatter the broken nut pieces over top of salad right before serving.

Serves 2 or 3.


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