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It has been a long time since I have been able to spend much time here, on the blog. And as it turns out, there are several reasons for this, and I would like to share them all with you. Retirement brought about many changes for us. It also taught me, that I was NOT ready to move to a small community in a beach town and begin the rest of my life....

After a couple of years, there was a void in my life because I had worked full time from the age of 15, and honestly, I never learned not to work. So we sold the beach house and became full-time volunteers for the National Parks System. This self-selected assignment was just what the doctor ordered. We worked hard, felt accomplished and got to see some amazing parts of the USA. Life doesn't really get much better, but then you see, I began to miss the rest of my family...

Which meant it was time to reassess, reorganize and have no regrets in the process. At that point, we offered to partner up with our kids and we would all invest in a small homestead. A place for a garden, a few chickens and a home base for us. And once it was up and running, we (my husband and I) could start traveling again. And so, that is what we are doing. Let me tell you, selling our home here and buying a parcel of land there is a full-time job!

We have decided that Montana is our destination and look forward to the day that this portion of our homestead project, is completed! I will say that even as full-time RV travelers and volunteers, I continued to cook from scratch, using mostly organic and whole foods. It was interesting to go from a full sized kitchen with every modern convenience I had room for, to a counter only four feet in length with a three burner gas stovetop! But not only did I accomplish this change, I also had a good time in the process.

Many of our meals were quite simple yet it was fun to share them via Facebook at RVKitchen. I also became an expert at using leftovers and cooking meals with supplies, from rural grocery stores with limited inventory. And you know what? We enjoyed each and every meal because it is just as much who you get to eat with, as it is the food you get to eat. If nothing else, I got to see my food philosophy in action, and that really was heartwarming.

All this is being shared because I want you to know that I never once even thought about not blogging, but I have been a bit busy with life. And of course, the other factor was a decided absence of internet connection. There were so many things I wanted to share, but without the internet it was impossible. But here are a few, I would like to share now...

We were six miles north of the international border with Mexico, in the middle of the desert, when the government shut down occurred. We had very little, but fortunately, as volunteers, we were not dependent upon a paycheck to survive.

This really surprised me, the alluring sound of coyotes talking to each other as the sun goes down. I am sorry not to have a photo of the coyotes spotted out and about during the day, but they really are a private group, and once noticed, they find something to place distance between you and them.

Celebrating Christmas near a tiny town, where even the cactus are decorated!

Learning 100 years of history about cattle ranching in the desert, while just the desert on its own, is a fascinating place of survival.

And most importantly becoming comfortable with retirement and knowing where I belong in the scheme of it all! Along the way in my volunteerism, I returned to knitting and learned new techniques and challenged myself to learn a new knitting skill with each piece. I took this time to make afghans and reading shawls to gift to many of the park staff, as a way of letting them know, how much I appreciated their friendship. I let my hair return to my most natural style, which is to let it grow long. The above-knitted piece is a messy bun hat, that I whipped up for myself.

But one thing is clear, I missed cooking for my family, and of course all of you!

So, I hope you bear with me as we complete this process of buying land for our homestead and the move to Montana. We (my daughter and I) have plans for more blogging and maybe a few videos for homemade household products that will be used in our homes. And food, of course! Homemade, whole food recipes to nourish and enjoy.

In the meantime I  hope you continue to view the archives for our tried and true recipes and if you have a question or might need help finding a recipe you want to try, please drop me a line. I would enjoy that tremendously! If you would like to stay up to date on our journey, I invite you to follow along on Facebook.

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  1. You are a very adventurous spirit, my friend. I always love reading about what you are up to! So keep on blogging when you can? Cheers, Rocquie

    1. It has been a very interesting last couple of years, and believe me, I am in no way stopping anything that I do! Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it!


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