Growth, change or static, the life cycle of a blog and the folks who write them!

Welcome to Our Sunday Café, we are pleased you stopped by for a visit. Today we are offering another delicious recipe from our kitchen update about life. We hope you enjoy the story as much as we did…

growth is change, even for a blog!

I started this blog many years ago. I was still working a full-time job, had a young grandchild and I was full of creative drive to write the best food blog ever! Which is hard, very hard actually when you have a full-time job, young grandchildren, a house to clean, laundry and well, I really do think you get the full picture. But a well-lived and/or busy life is never static, there is always change.

I found myself changing jobs and continuing up the corporate ladder, which does not necessarily go hand in hand with having enough time left over for the blogging part of, having a blog. The grandchildren were growing and our family of origin was changing as well. There were new marriages for many of us, job changes for all of us, changes in addresses due to jobs or buying a home, etc. Nothing was static about our family group, either. And this, of course, led to other changes. Soon we were not able to gather for Sunday dinner, as a large group.

growth is change, even for a blog!
Keep your dreams alive and see them through!

And because life takes precedence over the blog (no matter how much I love and need the creative side of blogging!) it did suffer from time to time with diminished content....I wish I could say that it didn't, but it would not be the truth, and if you look closely, right there on the sidebar I posted an oath of integrity in blogging, and there is no sense in making a change now!

But in all honesty I don't think there is a single blog out here with current content to share, that has not had changes along the way. For some, the biggest change of all is to simply stop blogging. And I did for a while, but I really missed the creative side of blogging a great deal and deleted my delete, before the blog completely disappeared. Through the years, life has been busy and blogging is also busy, so sometimes, something has to give...My changes have mostly been due to family changes as noted above, but there were also changes having nothing to do with the family.  

growth is change, even for a blog!
We ran into Smokey the Bear celebrating his birthday, at our local fair.
I began changing what I cooked because I was changing what I ate and what I served my guests. When I first started blogging we were called "Mom's Sunday Cafe" because it was all about the Sunday dinners I cooked each month. On the last Sunday, I would cook a cafe-style menu of several choices. When I would start planning for Sunday dinner, I started with desserts! I usually had about four desserts on my list of what I was cooking. But not many vegetables.

This went on for a few years and one day I realized I really was doing it backward! I should have had four vegetable sidedishes and one maybe two desserts, you know, like a real little by little I started up-ing the vegetables and playing down the desserts. Then came the desire to eat more whole grains, because, with more vegetables, we were, in fact, eating more whole foods, period. Fast forward a few years and now I am baking with whole grains. There are a few hold outs, because my husband is not as happy about the whole grain baked goods, as I am. But I do understand, I would not want anyone telling me what I should be eating either!

growth is change, even for a blog!
This is my "stove" in the apartment!

Then we added another big change, retirement. With travel and volunteer service, thrown in. Having a small RV kitchen makes cooking and baking a bit more challenging, but the food is well received, especially on a cozy night with the stars shining bright after a day of service and adventure.

When we settled in Montana, we decided to have a small apartment for our home base, keeping some of our belongings here and a small 5thwheel for travel to the hold the remainder. Ironically the kitchen set up is largely the same in the apartment as it was in our big 5thwheel, during our year of travel as National Park volunteers. And my guess is, it will be much like the kitchen we will find when we buy another 5thwheel next spring. I know, if I can cook it here in the apartment or in a little RV kitchen, you can too!

After 2 months of steady work, we are just about done with the apartment, and I am finding myself with more time to cook, which always makes me happy. You will continue to see whole foods cooked in a simple manner, and served with love, coming out of my kitchen. I hope you continue to visit and even follow along on our Facebook page (you may read more about that in the top banner, right here on the blog!) as we explore first the state of Montana and then as much of the rest of America, that we can! You may also use this link if preferred!

growth is change, even for a blog!
Our Montana property.

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