How to make Custard Bread Pudding in your pressure cooker!

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I have become quite comfortable with my EPC in the last year or so. Actually, I have also become comfortable with my stovetop model as well. That was the real challenge, cooking under pressure on my stove...not that there haven't been a few failures. Like the time I made steel cut oats and had a river of oat glue to clean up....yikes!

But honestly, it all came together one day when I realized that cooking dinner using my stovetop model was not like canning, if it needed a minute more, just reattach the lid and let it cook! No one would get ill and fortunately by now, I was over the "it's going to blow up" catastrophe stories of my childhood. And as silly as that sounds, that simple realization made my fears evaporated...

Which brings us to this really delicious bread pudding. Being a bit of a food nerd, I don't mind admitting that I love bread pudding! It is right up there with Custard, which I made last week also. And while I do know that posting this will be two desserts in a row, I am OK with that.

We had a guest for a few days, a friend we made while traveling as National Park volunteers. It just seemed appropriate to have a bit of dessert to offer with the evening meal. I used that as an excuse opportunity to get a couple of desserts mastered using the pressure cooker. You can view the Custard recipe here, but today I will share the richer version of plain custard, bread pudding!

Note, this recipe is richer than the Custard with Whipped Cream recipe. It calls for milk as well as half & half for a rich dessert. But do feel free to use all milk or even the evaporated milk and fresh milk technique as shown, here. Also, the raisins are delicious in this bread pudding but may sink to the bottom of the bowl. If you prefer to skip them, I understand. Or you could just dig in deeper when you serve up this delicious dessert....

Easy, quick and delicious bread pudding in your EPC!

Custard Bread Pudding

adapted from: Custard with Whipped Cream!

3 slices of bread, diced about 1/2 inch, set aside

3 eggs
1/3 c sugar
1 t vanilla
1 c milk
1 c half and half

1/4 c raisins

Beat eggs, sugar, and vanilla together. Mix in the milk and half & half. Stir in bread coating well with the milk mixture. Scatter raisins over the top.

Easy, quick and delicious bread pudding in your EPC!

Gently cover the bowl with foil, crimping the edges tightly. Add 1 1/2 cups water to the pressure cooker, place the trivet in the bottom and carefully place the bowl of custard mixture on the trivet.

Cover and secure the lid, cook for 7 minutes on high pressure, and quick release as soon as the cooking time has elapsed. Wait 10 minutes or until the steam stops, to remove the pressure cooker lid.

Easy, quick and delicious bread pudding in your EPC!

Carefully remove the bowl of cooked custard, let rest on the counter to cool, then refrigerate to chill before serving.

Serve with whipped cream of course!


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