This and That from Far and Wide, 11/20/2019!

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This and That from Far and Wide, 11/20/2019! Super Creamy Pumpkin Seed Butter.
Photo courtesy of Green Kitchen Stories.
Super Creamy Pumpkin Seed Butter! This caught my eye for many reasons, first because what is not to love about nut butter, and secondly because pumpkin seeds are so nutritious! I almost feel I should say more about this recipe, my guess is, because of the nutritional qualities, so I will say this, let's make this nut butter!

This and That from Far and Wide, 11/20/2019!
Photo courtesy of With Food and Love.
I will tell you right now, we are not vegetarians, but I love to search vegetarian blogs because, yes you guessed it, vegetables! About 4 years ago I started a little kitchen campaign at my house, called "Let's eat more vegetables!" and vegetarian blogs are always a great resource. Take a look at this sheet pan dinner...

This and That from Far and Wide, 11/20/2019!
Photo courtesy of Simply Homemaking.
Dandelions are everywhere! And because they are so nutritious and usable for not only ourselves but for the bees, we are fortunate, that they are everywhere! I have made Dandelion Salve, I have seen recipes for Dandelion jelly, but today I offer Dandelion Root "Coffee", from Simply Homemaking, with a tutorial on harvesting and cleaning Dandelions.

This and That from Far and Wide, 11/20/2019!
Photo courtesy of One Dish Kitchen.
Look here, is a small batch Ginger Cookie recipe. Ginger cookies are one of those old fashioned recipes that I love. But not everyone else in my home feels the same way....but with this gem of a recipe, every ginger cookie lover out there can have their way! Ginger cookies on every cookie tray this holiday season!

This and That from Far and Wide, 11/20/2019!
Photo courtesy of Mel's Kitchen Cafe.
It is clearly pumpkin season, fortunately, I found this Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Snack Cake recipe to share with you! Pumpkin and chocolate have become a popular flavor combination. My own dear husband is not a pumpkin eating sort of man, but I am thinking these chocolate chips, just might change his mind...

This and That from Far and Wide, 11/20/2019!
Photo courtesy of
Whole Grain Sourdough Date Rolls, speaking for myself, I need no further description to get my way over to that recipe! Recently I have been using dates as the sweetener in my whole grain sandwich bread...

I hope you find something new, to try in your kitchen and for your home.

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